Can Yoga Cure Various Body Diseases?

Yoga has been accredited for being able to usher in various mind-body benefits such as toned muscles, flexibility, reduced stress and a lot more. Recently, various scientists have revealed their role in curing serious medical ailments. Today we are going to take a look at some chronic diseases which can be cured through yoga.

Diseases and how it cure through yoga?

Liver Syndrome:

Liver problems can vary from basic ingestion to severe fatty liver syndrome. You can, however, maintain the health of your liver by trying out some basic exercises which are known to pump by the blood circulation in your abdomen. The cat pose and bridge pose are two such asanas which can be tried out for alleviating liver ailments.


Practizing yoga on a daily basis can help in controlling the pain caused by arthritis. You can try out Surya Namaskar for relieving the severe joint pain which can lead to immobility in extreme cases.

Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome :

Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome is spreading like an epidemic amongst young women of modern times. Yoga can cure the symptoms of PCOS which varies from irregular periods to infertility in the long run. You can try out the corpse pose for curing ovarian cysts without having to undergo surgery to seek the assistance of medications.

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People suffering from depressions have low levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in their body. Yoga can help in boosting up GABA by improving your mood while reducing various symptoms of anxiety and depression. Regular practice can increase your focus and concentration levels which help in keeping your body calm and regulating your breathing whenever you start worrying about something.

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Heart Issues:

Heart disease can definitely be termed as one of the biggest causes of concern of modern times. Yoga can help you in gaining an edge over the same coupled with its meditative breathing, slow poses, and relaxed focus. This can both reduce stress as well as blood pressure by spreading a calming sensation all over our body. The meditative component of exercise can stabilize endothelium which in turn lowers stress hormones.

Chronic Inflammation :

Yoga has proved to be beneficial in curing chronic inflammation which can otherwise trigger severe aches and cause your body to look swollen. Continuous practice can both make you look and feel better. Even obese people will be able to climb up stairs and engage in household chores with continuous practice of yoga just twice a week.

Yoga Helps in curing Cancer:

Cancer treatment becomes a lot more bearable coupled with regular exercise which makes you more positive and calmer over time. This in turn boosts up your resiliency and prepares you to withstand all forms of treatment. Various people have also linked yoga with a reduction in the negative reactions of radiotherapy.

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Menopausal women who undertook two months of weekly restorative exercise sessions reported about 30% decrease in hot flashes. The Continuous practice also helps in decreasing sexual and physical discomfort in matured women.

If you are fighting chronic sleeping problems, then yoga can serve as your ultimate solution. It can boost up your awareness and prevent you from thinking much about the past or future. As you get to concentrate totally on the present, you can attain greater strength and willpower. All negative thoughts and emotions which had been clouding your senses till now will clear away slowly with regular yoga practice. In this way, it becomes easy to fall asleep at the right time and wake up fresh the next day.

Yoga helps in Controlling Diabetes:


Diabetes as we all know is an incurable disease. However regular exercise like the triangle pose can assist in regulating the blood sugar levels.

Our sedentary lifestyle is causing chronic back pain in a large segment of a millennial population. Yoga can come to your rescue in such a case by relaxing the stiffness in muscles and joints. Regular practice can bring back your old flexibility while reducing the pain drastically.

Wind relieving pose has proved to be efficient for curing indigestion which can increasingly be traced amongst working people of modern times.

Yoga poses like complete headstand can cure migraine which occurs due to blood deficiency in your brain. This can definitely be termed as a better option in comparison to popping pain killers every now and then.

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Regular practice of yoga asanas can cure almost all forms of disease under the sky coupled with the collective wisdom of ages.


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