What Is the Best Time to do Workout?

When it comes to exercising or workout, we all have a specific set of preferences. Some of us find it easy to wake up at the crack of the dawn whereas others simply can’t get their body moving prior to noon. Both personal preferences as well as physiological factors come together in determining the right time for engaging in a workout.

An exercising session is bound to make you feel rejuvenated to the core. However, if evening exercises disrupts your sleep or your muscles feel too tight in the morning, then the whole session might end up seeming counterproductive.

Afternoon Exercise


According to research studies, our body can easily adapt to regular workout at the gym. You are bound to feel more productive if you hit the gym regularly at 4 pm. Sticking to a particular time can lead to better performance in the long run apart from lower perceived exhaustion and higher oxygen consumption.

However, it is not easy to schedule a workout and follow it religiously. The quality of your exercise if influenced to a great extent by the core temperature of your body. You are bound to become highly vulnerable to sprains and muscle stiffness if your body temperature is low. The degree of flexibility increases simultaneously with increase in body temperature.

Workout sessions become more productive when conducted during afternoon as our body temperature keeps on rising throughout the day and that is why both endurance and muscle strength peaks during afternoon hours. Both blood pressure and heart rate are lowest during afternoon when the reaction time is quickest.

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All these attributes come together to enhance the performance of afternoon workouts while reducing the likeliness of succumbing to injuries. Our hormone levels also have a big role in gauging the optimal exercising time. Testosterone is required for strength and muscle growth in both ladies and gents.

Our testosterone production increases during afternoon hours which also rises the productivity of resistance workout in comparison to morning time. Cortisol or the stress hormone peaks during morning and keeps on decreasingly throughout the day as you engage in exercise. This hormone is infamous for reduction of muscle tissue and storage of fat.

Morning Exercise


Given our hectic work schedules, it often becomes difficult to adhere to a consistent workout session. This is why it is always advisable to exercise during the morning hours before you start with your personal and professional chores. Both afternoon as well as evening sessions can conflict with your other responsibilities and your energy levels also tend to decrease at the end of the day making it more tasking to engage in a rigorous workout episode.

The exercise sessions in the morning can also act as the ideal alternative for stress-free sleeping as it often becomes difficult to fall asleep at night after engaging in afternoon activities. The main reason behind the same is the increased body temperature and heart rate which adversely impacts our sleep schedule.

Various research studies have also linked 45 minutes of moderate morning workout with rhetoric curbing of appetite immediately after the exercise. People tend to burn 20% more body weight while exercising on an empty stomach which is comparatively easier to do in the morning when compared to afternoon.

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Your Specific Workout Preference


The circadian rhythm of your body has the biggest role to play in determining whether you are an early bird or night owl. This rhythm influences various bodily functions like hormone levels, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

This rhythm is determined by the 24-hour pattern of earth’s rotation and governs your level of productivity while engaging in different workouts. Although you can readily seek out the guidance of your body clock for undertaking physical exercises, it is also necessary to consider other obligations such as work and family schedules.


At the end of the day, you need to be consistent with a particular exercise schedule. If morning workout seems like the best option, then you will have to warm up your muscles adequately after waking up in the morning. Consistency of evening exercises can be maintained by placing your gym bag in the car and finding a workout buddy so that you have lesser excuses for avoiding the same.


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