Work From Home: A Complete Guide To The Remotely Work Tools

The year 2020 sure is a transformative year for everyone especially for companies and businesses as this year taught them to give a second thought if their employees can continue the most complex projects and tasks from the comfort of their home. It sure is a very serious time of mass calamity upon the world and every professional of every sector and industry is coming up with different ways to cope up with the situation and save the time and lives.

One of the most significant re-discovery is of the concept of ‘Work From Home’. More and more companies are looking into this matter to provide their employees with this facility and revamp the conventional processes of operations.

Working from home has packed in itself a lot of benefits which is found to greatly and surprisingly increase the rate of productivity for various reasons. Employees can work with flexible hours, more concentration and with less pressure and stress.

Many companies, businesses, and digital marketing agencies are seeking the help of technology companies to implement and create for them the finest collaborative and sharing platforms. While creating a custom-built platform may take time and carry some flaws and let’s admit, it is time you rush in for a work from home solution.

For the ones who have started working from home or have been doing it since earlier, here is a guide on a few tools to start working efficiently from home:



Slack is one of the most remarkable collaborative apps which is the best fit to mitigate the gap during work from home. You can easily create unlimited team channels to team up with and among departments, and even send direct and quick messages. You can even drag and drop all the essential files, pin the documents, and bookmark the messages immediately.

This is an amazing tool to serve the purpose of connectivity for both team building and professional purposes.



This app is the ultimate solution for video conferencing. Many organizations choose this app as it caters to the need of an end to end video conferencing solutions with HD video quality and advanced important features like content sharing, screen sharing, and even local recording.

There is not even any hard and fast rules to use this app. Zoom can be more accessible for everyone who does not have the app. Simply just one person needs to download the app and share the link of the meeting to their colleagues and then can connect from their mobiles, desktop, or tablets without downloading the app themselves.

Zoom also provides an enhanced video conferencing facility with the option of toggle between the participants to share the screens, or simply benefiting from using touch screens with whiteboard options. All in all, this is a must-have tool to interactively exchange ideas.



This is an excellent business call software system created for both the sales and support teams. It is available as both browser and desktop-based apps. As for its easy to use features and set up, you can reach your remote team members with ease as they work from home on their laptops.

This software can let you make calls internally as well as to and from customers, with zero time restrictions and infrastructural barriers. As this tool can be integrated with other business tools such as Helpdesks, CRMs and so on, you can’t miss a call at all.



If you are looking to stay on the same page while you are not physically together and closer, Front is your solution. With Front, you do not have to e-mail about the issues with emails. Customer service representatives can make good use of this tool as it combines the help desk tickets with internal emails, apps, and messages.

What’s a plus here is that if the teams leverage Front’s incorporation with Aircall, this merges the ability to receive and make calls, and also access the most crucial and contextual information regarding it all in one place. This app makes customer service greatly easier and meaningful with readily accessible information which in turn can speed up productivity in the ongoing process.



Trello is a great task management tool you can use to easily create, design and then assign the tasks to your sub-ordinates with a straightforward and visual interface. Throught this tool, you can create task cards of each tasks and even sort them by departments, projects, or assignees.

With the accomplishment of each stage, you can slide the relevant task cards from one category to the next one. This amazingly collaborative tool can let your whole team stay updated on the progress of each task in a more interactive way.