Writing For A Wikipedia Page

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing For A Wikipedia Page

A Little About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the largest collections of information on the internet. The subjects and topics covered under the Wikipedia page are related to a wide range and almost every field of study, business, art, and science are being covered. It’s not only different subjects that are covered but also all sorts of notable people can also be found on Wikipedia.


Now, Wikipedia is a platform that provides knowledge and information to its audience all over the world and the information being provided through this platform is the most reliable and trustworthy information that one can get from in another possible source. The information present on Wikipedia is always supported by solid facts and references from reliable sources. It is also very common to find many citations on Wikipedia pages used as references to make their writing and work more authentic, reliable and trustworthy.

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About Wikipedia Page Writers:

As mentioned before Wikipedia is one of the most reliable sources of information currently present in our world. The fact that this information is so reliable is that the best Wikipedia page writers make sure to research thoroughly on the topics they are supposed to write on. You will never across a Wikipedia page writer who doesn’t conduct thorough research and if you do find someone who doesn’t conduct research before they write for a Wikipedia page than it is highly likely that the page will get disapproved by the Wikipedia authorities.

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All the pages on Wikipedia go through a strict screening and review process before it is published. The writers need to make sure that the information being provided in their Wikipedia page is correct and authentic otherwise the page will get disapproved. Unsearched facts aren’t the only reason why pages on Wikipedia get disapproved but there are many other reasons why a Wikipedia page might be disapproved.

Some of the reasons why Wikipedia pages might not make it through are as follows:

Biographies About Self:

One of the most common mistakes that new Wikipedia writers make is that they write and create pages about themselves. Now having an encyclopedia article for yourself or a friend or a relative is not something that is appropriate to be on a platform like Wikipedia unless the person you’re writing about is someone who has made notable changes in a particular field in the world. And the bitter truth about this fact is that most of us are average people who have nothing notable about them therefore do not meet the notability criteria of Wikipedia.

See, the fact of the matter is that Wikipedia is not a platform for biographies instead it’s an encyclopedia for information. So it’s better to avoid writing about yourself or people you know off to avoid any mistake of such kind. If you do want to write about yourself than it is suggested to you use the space given about yourself on your user page to write about yourself.

Writing Articles On Companies:

Another very common mistake that most new writers make when writing is that they tend to write articles about either their own business organization or for the business organization that they work for. Now, there’s nothing wrong in writing an article on a business organization but when you write about a business organization where you work at or for a business organization that you own then the element of staying neutral and keeping a biased tone is something that is very hard for new writers to maintain. And keeping a neutral and unbiased tone while writing for a Wikipedia page is one of the most important things that writers have to take care about at all times. Another thing that new writers need to understand is the fact that they should only write about their company or for the company only if it meets the notability standards/rules of the Wikipedia page. Because like being neutral the notability criteria is also something that gets a lot of pages disapproved from getting published.

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Already Existing Articles:

Most new writers also make this mistake of creating an article about something that is something that was already created before. This is something that new writers need to avoid by making a search and finding out in advance if the page already exists or not and avoid this problem.