Philips Trimmers

Why Philips Trimmers Are The Best?

From the past few years, men’s fashion has changed a lot. Men are now sincere about how they look and the most important thing that gives an attractive look to a man is his hair and beard. Nowadays appearance is considered at work also.

Now, cutting the beard and giving it a perfect shape is not an easy task. To do it perfectly, you may be looking for the best brand of trimmers for men in the market. And, we will tell you about which brand is best and why.

Why is Philips Trimmer the Best?

Philips is undoubtedly the best brand of all the time that offers domestic appliances and many electric products for daily use.

If we talk about trimmers, then Philips does not offer single but many trimmers with different and great features in each. And the reason why we say that this brand is the best for trimmers is that it never compromises with features, quality, and durability of any of its products. We believe that Philips offers the best trimmers in India in 2020 as well.

Some trimmers of this brand work directly through electricity and some are chargeable. There are also some having both the facilities. There are different types of chargeable trimmers in this brand. Some trimmers need 1-2 hours of charging time, while some need 10-12 hours. After the trimmer gets fully charged, we can use it for 30-60 minutes as per the product. Some of them have less charging time but give more backup and some need more charging but give less backup. It totally depends on the product that you have bought. These trimmers also come with a battery indicator. Either it is low, empty, or full, the trimmer will indicate that.

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Though Philips trimmers are quite expensive, it is better than any ordinary trimmer in terms of durability. And it’s better to buy such products instead of changing products in short terms just because they are cheap.

Generally, it has 10-20 lock-in-length settings. The blade tip is round in shape and is skin-friendly so that it does not cause irritation. Also, you can easily clean it after using it. Just remove the head and wash it with water. It will clean the blade but before putting the blade back make sure that the blade is dry. If we will put wet blades over the body then there will be a chance that the appliance will be damaged.

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This brand provides you a long-lasting product, but it requires proper maintenance to make sure that it lasts long. Most of the products are also water-resistant or waterproof. The products are easy to handle and are light in weight.

Below Is a List of 3 Best Philips Trimmers for This Month

1)  Philips BT3221/15

This trimmer is the first one in our list of best trimmers for daily use. It has a trimming precision of 0.5mm and 20 trimming length. It has titanium coated blades which are so sharp that they never get blunt. The best part of this trimmer is that after charging it for 1 hour, it gives a backup of nearly 90 minutes, which is very rare. Also, it has a battery indicator which indicates that the trimmer is fully charged, low or discharged. With all the great features it looks so good. You can use it as corded and cordless both.

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2) Philips QT 4011/15

This trimmer is loved by men for its long-lasting performance. The blades are made up of titanium which is so sharp. These blades are self-sharpening, so you don’t need to worry about the blade as it never gets blunt. The trimmers can be used for 90 minutes after 1 hour of charging. It has a 27 lock-in length setting with 0.5 mm precision. It is a skin friendly trimmer with zero irritation.

3) Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4005/15

If you are looking for the best Philips trimmer at a cheap price then you can go with this. It has a trimming precision of 0.50 mm. It works for 45 minutes after 10 hours of charging. Also, it has a detachable head which is beneficial for easy cleaning. The charging time is a little bit more in comparison with the other trimmer but the features are so good in the budget. The blades are made of stainless steel with rounded tips which are good for smooth trimming. You can only use this as cordless.

Features differ with every trimmer of Philips, but no other brand is as trusted and reputed as Philips if we talk about personal care appliances. Also, every product comes with a warranty for a minimum of 2 years. So, definitely go for Philips over any brand for the best quality trimmers.