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Top 8 Innovative Web Technology Trends To Watch Out

Every website development company is marching toward an augmented web programming era, where every now and then, new technology updates and novel innovations are emerging. The ecosystem of fast-forwarding digital evolution has become so mainstream, website development firms are busy keeping them updated to keep pace with the radical overhaul. This seems the best practice to remain on top of the competition. But, what are the upcoming web technology trends to look for, and how they are going to change the way web development has been perceived?

A quick overview of the latest and biggest web development trends in this year

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet Of Things
  • Single Page Applications (SPA)
  • Typography
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Motion UI-Based Interactive Web Designs
  • Javascript And Python
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence has been there for so many years, and it has gained a huge momentum because of its human-like intelligence. Not only does it disrupt every industry, but it is likely to transform the way the web development process has been executed. Many progressive and renowned website development companies have already leveraged this machine learning-based technology to incorporate features to their products such as,

  • Copyright protection
  • Voice search optimization
  • Customer support
  • Image recognition
  • Sentiment analysis for UX
  • Automatic selection of the most viable features for web designs

Now, the leading website development services are showing interest to implement the cybersecurity attribute to prevent cybersecurity threats and bolster the mechanism of the security compliance protocols. Since cyberattacks grow in numbers despite the presence of security personnel, AI-powered capabilities can alert security operation analysts to take actions much ahead of threats. Machine learning and deep learning techniques help improve AI capabilities to sense cybersecurity threats and prevent them before they occur. Therefore, it can help prevent the breach of privacy and threats to property damage.

This is an essential feature to be deployed for web development services in future.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is indeed a much-talked-about topic in the website development firm. AI-powered sensors and devices enable IoT to improve connectedness. That’s is the reason; it has improved the interaction between technology and applications, which is going to impact the web development services too. According to Statista.com, about 30.9 billion units of devices are expected to be connected to the internet by 2025. This is going to transform web development as it is expected to increase device synchronization. Although there is no such thing yet in web development, it takes the whole development to a new dimension.

Single Page Applications (APA)

Single Page Applications or APA enable page loading at a faster speed, improving the efficiency of the user devices while enhancing user experience. JavaScript-based SPA is an effective application to build high-performance and responsive websites across desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Due to this serviceability and flexibility, the year 2020 promotes the use of SPA via React and Angular frameworks, popular for cross-platform and hybrid app development enablement.

Typography Rules

In the world of web design, typography is taking the center stage. Gone are the days, when incorporating typography was tough to achieve through a few browsers. Now, we have moved beyond that stage that has allowed us to showcase creativity through typography and communication enhancement in the website development process.

The internet is poised to giving insightful information to its users through written or visual content purposed with the typography. In this context, bold typefaces are taking over giant images and videos to improve mobile browsing effects. The ultimate aim of typography is to enhance your content presentation to its audiences.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are going to rule in this year as well as the previous years. It contains all the modern web features to be compatible with every browser. Mobiles are considered to generate half the web traffic. But, depending on the connectivity and device capability, it can impact the functionality of an app in particular regions, especially in rural locales. Here is PWA to overcome the challenge to give users the same core experience as improved applications provide. Hence, the Website development company will focus on this key feature to help businesses improve their user experience through PWA. Hence, it remains a popular factor for mobile app development.

Interactive Web design Using Motion UI

Motion User Interfaces allow for high usability to users with its feature-rich graphics and unique animated features.

 Motion UI is going to remain a key trend in this year for website development companies so that they can embrace this technology for storytelling and improving the appearance of the websites. This tool gives a great scope to use a dozen of techniques to improve the transition effects of a product.

Motion UI does not require extensive knowledge in JavaScript and jQuery library. Hence, it sees huge growth in website design in the upcoming year.

JavaScript and Python

No one can imagine web development without a programming language. And everyone knows how popular JavaScript is.  This is a widely popular coding language for web development. A number of communities, including Github, Stackoverflow, and Pypl-index support this programming language. This is followed by the back-end programming language Python.

These two programming languages are going to stay on top due to their high performance, easy integration, and safety features. Statistics show that developers with extensive knowledge in these two languages are expected to be top demands in the website development industries.

Accelerated Mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages are going to take charge in the coming years. The Tech Giant, Google is promoting its growth across the businesses so that the application can work on mobile devices quickly.

Despite website development companies finding it tough to customize, it gives reasons to creative developers to play tricks with this application. An AMP HTML enables content to load in 0.7 seconds whereas non-AMP HTML pages take 22 seconds to load.

Hence, the key objective is to decrease the median load time. And it is likely to reign this year.

Conclusion: If you want a faster, reliable, and scalable website, you must turn to an expert and renowned website Development Company for top-notch and high-end website development services the way Bytes Technolab has been offering to its clients for a long. At the same time, you must look out for the web technology trends coming up this year so that you can achieve more.

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