Ways To Connect Online with Friends and Family

7 Ways to Connect and Party with Friends and Family Abroad

Once we move abroad to study or work, or when our close friends and family do the same, keeping in touch with everyone is easier said than done. Taking out time from our schedule to call and check up on our loved ones may not be a piece of cake.  

The expensive phone bills we get after hours of talking on the phone with someone living overseas will surely burn a hole in our pocket. 

But keeping in contact with friends and family is extremely necessary! When people feel mentally connected with their near and dear ones, they tend to stay happier and more productive. These people are the most important as they are the ones we turn to when we are in dire need of support.  

So, how can we efficiently connect and have fun with them without having lengthy phone bills and less time on our hands in return? Take a look at all the new communication technology around you and step up your social game! 

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) 

Switch to phone calls on internet broadband! Most countries use this method for overseas connections as it is cheaper, and there are plenty of options like group video calls and online gaming! 

As long as you have a smartphone device and a decent internet connection, online bonding and partying are as simple as alphabets! Here are seven ways to unite and socialize with your kinsfolk over the internet! 

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Ways to connect and party online

1. Zoom Karaoke Night 

Now, you don’t need to book an event in a karaoke bar to belt out “I want it that way” by Backstreet Boys in front of your close ones. You can host a karaoke night with all your friends in one call on the popular video conference app, Zoom.  

Whether you are born with melodious and harmonious vocal cords or not, singing your heart out is a great way to release stress and let loose. You will also have a general update on everyone’s music taste and discover new artists and music! 

To make this happen, you can go on YouTube to find a plethora of karaoke with lyrics, from pop to rock. Click your most-liked song and share your screen so that everyone can listen to the instrumentals. 

Put on your concert costume and send the zoom links to all your friends and family for a memorable karaoke party! 

2. Virtual Rooms 

Do you love Sherlock movies and puzzle-solving? Then this is your call. Escape rooms are popular entertainment trends where groups of people get locked together in a themed room loaded with nerve-wracking puzzles and hints that will lead them to escape the room. The room could be mystery-themed or horror, but one thing is common in all of them; the goal to escape in under sixty minutes.  

Although this sounds like something you can do only in person, these exciting team events have now been launched in virtual forms for a virtual birthday celebration and can be played on Zoom or any video conference app! 

Here is how they work! 

All you have to do is book a virtual escape room from your favorite escape brand for your team of friends or family, join the Zoom call, and leave the rest to them! In the game, the game master will be in the escape room in place of your team. They will play the role of your hands and eyes as you navigate them around together and uncover mysteries! 

This is your only chance to become James Bond or Sherlock and get your hands on the cinematic action! Make it special with your squad by trying out virtual escape rooms

3. Play Multi-player Games 

One of the best ways to kill boredom and power your competitive spirit while connecting and bonding is online gaming. Seeing and being able to interact with the virtual avatars of your close ones is extremely fun and will keep anyone hooked for a long time. Most online games allow 4 to 10 players in one match, so it’s a great way to connect with a lot of people at the same time! 

Now that users of online multiplayer games like Among Us and Fortnite are on the rise, you will never run out of options. There are tons of genres like action, racing, detective, puzzle, and arcade. Find your taste and get gaming! 

4. Watch Together Party! 

With the introduction of so many new handy apps, you can watch movies with your friends and family without being in the same room with them! Discord is a well-known VoIP app where groups can communicate, game, and share media easily from any part of the world. Add all your dear people to a single voice chat room and stream your favorite action or comedy movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime for everyone to watch at the same time! 

As you watch, you will remain on the call with them so you can also hear them cry or laugh at the drama! Grab your popcorn and a comfy blanket and binge-watch! 

5. Houseparty 

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have heard about the famous face-to-face social app, Houseparty. The free-to-download app is easy to access and only requires minimum personal information.  

It’s an easy way to video chat with groups, and the interface is just like any other video conference app, with a little spice! The app has a bunch of games like Trivia, heads up, and Quickdraw that you can play while on call! As the name suggests, the app is a great way to have a party with all your friends and family in your house! 

6. Online Board Games 

Do you miss those times when you could roll the dice and play board games with your friends? Don’t worry! You can recreate these fun times as board games have been introduced into the virtual world!  

Instead of crowding around one table, you can take out your smartphone and play them with more than seven members at once! Some all-time classics that have turned virtual are Monopoly, Scrabble, and Carrom! Build suspense and friendships with this traditional method of connecting, online! 

7. Zoom Dance party 

Do you want to get up and get active with some dance movies? Zoom dance nights are a great way to stretch some muscles and get some exercise while bonding with family! It’s a double gain for you and everyone else! Join your zoom links and play any upbeat songs before you dance the night away! 

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Thanks to the continuously advancing technology, a little distance from our loyal kindred cannot stop us from connecting and looking at each other face to face. With the growth of quality video conference apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, a quick bonding session is just a click away. As long as we take a step forward and be creative with our ideas, we can make the best use of these opportunities we have at hand. 

In this article, we have compiled a few of the best ways you can host a union online. You can also get inventive and add your own flavor to it! Keep experimenting and keep connecting!

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