6 Ways To Cut Bathroom Renovation Costs

According to HGTV, a renovated bathroom adds value to your home. And homeowners will all agree to this. Bathrooms are one of the most ignored areas in a home when the renovation is in the works. For one, guests don’t get to see the bathroom at first glance. Secondly, bathrooms are the least of everyone’s worry because people think they’re not a significant part of the house. If you come to think of it, without bathrooms, you’ll never be able to start your work and house routines. However, renovating a bathroom is costly. So without further ado, here are six ways to save on bathroom renovation costs.

Salvage What You Can

For the most part, people think of dumping all bathroom fixtures and replace them with new ones. However, on a case to case basis, this might not be necessary. Your bathroom taps, sinks, showerheads, mirrors, toilet seats, bidets might have a longer lifespan than you think. Plus, there are natural ways to make them sparkle again.

For instance, you can use a scouring powder for your sink. It is made of essential oil drops, baking soda, coarse salt, and borax. You may also use the good old vinegar and lemon trick plus a good scrubbing to make it squeaky clean.

If in case these options aren’t possible and everything needs to go, always remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Sell them on recycling or auction shops and get a few bucks to buy new fixtures and fittings.

Find Gems From Thrift Stores

Staying within your financial limit is the golden rule when it comes to bathroom renovations. If you can’t afford those granite wall-mounted sinks or colossal bathroom vanity mirrors, then opt for more affordable ones.

Never underestimate the treasures you’ll find in thrift stores. Try to visit one in your area. Better yet, you may scour the internet and visit forums, groups, or pages for the cheapest second-hand bathroom item recommendations.

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Choose Affordable Flooring


The flooring could have the lion’s share on your bathroom renovation costs. If you want to create an elegant look but can’t afford natural stones or marble, go for ceramic or porcelain tiles. Although the latter costs more than the former, these tiles are durable and non-porous, which makes them good on kitchen flooring.

However, make sure to focus on safety. Always opt for anti-slip shower floor tiles like having a textured surface or cutting them in small squares to create more traction. Installing a spy wireless camera is also beneficial and affordable when it comes to safety, especially if you have children and elderly people around. However, install them in an area where people can still enjoy their privacy. 

Don’t Move Fittings


Bathroom fittings require more installation fees from professionals and increase bathroom renovation costs as well, especially if you don’t know how to install them yourself. So the best way to save on new fixture installations is by keeping the layout the same.

Rearranging your toilets, sinks, or shower would mean having to reposition the pipes and drains as well.

Improve Bathroom Lighting Through Light Fixtures


Some people try to open up their bathrooms’ walls and install windows to allow for natural light to come in. While this may be preferable, it might be a bit costly. Instead of punching a massive hole in your bathroom wall, create faux natural lighting instead.

Take advantage of different types of bathroom lighting such as wall sconces, pendant lights, vanity lighting, and ceiling lights.

Do Some of the Tasks Yourself

One way to give your bathroom a new look is by splashing it with a fresh coat of paint. In general, painting is a relatively easy job. I’m a woman, and I’ve tried painting a room’s entire wall before.

So if you can do the painting yourself instead of hiring the experts, then do it yourself and have fun in the process.


Planning before executing is always a smart way when doing home renovations. Consult the experts or try to get advice from friends who’ve done the repairs themselves. This will help to know bathroom renovation costs.

Author: Eliza Brooks

Eliza Brooks is an ardent blogger and frequent traveller who writes about home improvement, travel, and the latest trends in emerging technologies. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, which offers a wide range of spy equipment and tracking device, including spy wireless camera, nanny cams, GPS trackers, and voice-activated audio recorder and more.