Voice Chat Software for Gaming

6 Best Voice Chat Softwares For Gaming

Nowadays, games are considered incomplete without a voice chat feature. It is a way of interacting with different kinds of people we may know or not. Every voice chat software has its pros and cons. For more info regarding the best voice chat software for gaming, explore the below list.

Here Are the Six Best Voice Chat Software for Gaming

1. Mumble

It is mainly used for voice chat, but it also supports primitive text chat. It can be run on any operating system such as Windows or Linux. It is free, open-source software and uses a client-server architecture. It is used for high octane games, which involves fast action and team play. 

It is perfect for a hectic game situation where a single second counts. It requires a minimal bandwidth, i.e., 20kbps. It doesn’t consume much of the computer resources. Data is always secure on the servers. 

It supports low latency audio streaming, which means minimum lags while chatting. It helps positional sound, which provides us with an immersive and realistic feel but sometimes audio and video chats can be glitchy. 

The only drawback is that it is a bit difficult to set up, and it needs some technical knowledge to set up mumble, and its interface is not much attractive or impressive compared to other software.

2. TeamSpeak

 It is a free application that can be run on any operating system, but it is not entirely free when it comes to server maintenance. It is the same as mumble, but it also provides some unique features. It offers high-quality audio. 

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The UI is simple and easy to use. It allows different users to have control over other areas of the server based on power level. Community management is much more comfortable in TeamSpeak. We can pay for hosting or can self-host TeamSpeak. Performance becomes slow with larger groups, but it depends on the server. 

It is popular among Massively Multiplayer Online Games. It also provides cloud-based services for players who want to store their identities, add-ons, and bookmarked servers on the cloud. It gives us better administrative control. In terms of security, it is up to the mark because of AES encryption.

3. SteamChat

It had no integrated voice chat option until 2018, but now it fulfills voice communication needs while playing a game. We can also share GIFs and audio clips. It is also free to use. It supports the grouping of friends. 

Users can share unique URLs that one can use to share the chat room. Users can set the members’ roles, kick other members, manage group information, and set chat restrictions. It is an alternative to other paid software available in the market. 

We can install it on our device and even can use it on the platform. It takes very little space on the device. Signing up is free and safe, and it does not ask us about the credit card information. It can’t store messages for long term use. 

They are self-deleted after two weeks. Users find it less reliable as compared to other software available. Users can also hide the game notification from friends by private tab or by private mode.

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4. Discord

It is free software and can be run on any operating system. It provides text chat and video chat along with voice chat. A maximum of 10 people is allowed in video chat. Users can create a server and can invite their friends. 

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Players can use the app, or the service can be used directly on the web. It provides seamless interaction with the game and the people we are communicating with. Players can set the individual volume levels for people they want to listen to and decrease for the one they don’t want to listen to. 

It doesn’t stress the CPU as much other software stresses the CPU. It uses an advanced codec called Opus, which consumes minimal bandwidth, which is useful for bandwidth-hungry games. It ensures secure communication as it uses technology like IP and DDoS. It is the most loved free voice chat software.

5. Raidcall

 It provides a free service and supports upto 100k users in the same radical group. Users can add their friends by sending a request to them. We can experience the benefits of real-time group communication through RaidCall. It provides good sound quality. It brings together the elements of instant messaging. 

It also provides some unique features like voice recording, poll, noise reduction, announcements, etc. Users can also share files and videos. It also supports themes and emoticons. It provides three modes in chatting:

  • Free Mode – all the users can speak at a time.
  • Admin Mode – only the admin of a group can speak.
  • Queued mode – users who are first in the queue will speak first.

 6. Overtone

We can connect with our friends while playing games seamlessly. It is simple to use and used by several games like Fortnite, pubg, league of legends, etc. It is a great alternative for discord. It is quite easy to set up as compared to discord. 

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It is free to use and provides voice and video conferences. It provides some social features to connect with people with similar interests and discover new players and teams. It provides a powerful set of tools to connect with people, and it is easy to set up. It shows three indicators:

  • Join/leave voice indicator
  • Who’s talking indicator
  • Who’s typing indicator


These are the best voice chat software for gaming which you need to try in this year. Many people are inherent in using latest technology and gaming technology is the fastest growing in this era.