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5 Vintage Dresses To Inspire Your Style

Getting dressed every morning becomes interesting if your wardrobe is filled with vibrant retro pieces. Despite many fashion trends that come and go, the beauty of vintage fashion never seems to go out of fashion. Vintage Womens clothing are always in. Retro Inspired Dresses are also perfect for mixing and matching. 

The vintage fashion was exciting and diverse. During the fashion decade of 1950s chic styles were available and also there was a rise of the “ready to wear” phenomenon. 

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Here in the Infographic, we are giving a lowdown on the 5 Most Glamorous Vintage Inspired Dress styles that are very popular even today among fashionistas.

Swing Dress:

These flared retro style dresses were popular during the 1940s. Swing dress usually has a bodice from the waist into the bust line, flat at tummy and flared out towards the hem. This type of dress is associated with dance styles of the 40s and 50s.

Wiggle Dresses:

It is a body fitted dress style extended below the knees. This dress is also known as the Sheath Dress. It has a slit at the back to make you comfortable while walking.

Mini Dresses:

This 1960s Style Dress has continued to be the head turner ever since. Being popularized by Mary Quant and Twiggy, this dress has continued to remain in trend even today.

Shift Dresses:

These dresses are generally a mix of the wiggle dress and mini dress. These dresses were similar to the wiggle style but were mostly knee-length or shorter.

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Pleated Skirts:

The 1920s was the era of skirt and blouse. Women used to wear Velvet Pleated skirt with a blouse for everyday clothing in those days.

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Vintage Inspired Dresses