Types of Plumbing Pipes

Main Types of Plumbing Pipes for Commercial Applications

Plumbing is an art like any professional work. When we say an art we mean that it requires the knowledge of the tools and techniques that are to be utilized and channelized at the right point of time to bring out a solution. Plumbing is a requirement of any establishment be it residential or commercial. Based on the kind of establishment or what we should say setup the plumbing needs and work varies. Say for example in a residential set up a sink would be the area requiring most of the plumbing attention. However, for a commercial establishment with a good number of employees sewage and washroom related system commonly needs plumbing assistance. 

Based on this need the plumber has to finalize the work and has to operate accordingly. And that is where commercial and residential plumbing gets separated. In major cities of California say, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, etc the demand is equally high for both kinds of plumbers. That’s why plumber San Diego, plumber San Jose or plumber California are some of the common searches that would pop if you try to find plumbing solutions online. Here, our focus is on a typical area related to commercial plumbing. 

Yes, if you have been looking to set up a commercial establishment or are troubled by the piping issues at your commercial setup or a budding plumber yourself we have all the content for you. Here we are going to discuss some of the major types of pipes that can be used in commercial plumbing. So, all you need to do is keep scrolling down to gather that knowledge. 

Major Types of Pipes Used in Plumbing

Major Types of Pipes Used in Plumbing

The Stainless Steel Ones

In commercial plumbing stainless steel is one of the best options. A reason for it is obvious that it doesn’t rust like other metals that get corroded when exposed for a long time to moisture. However, one thing that goes against it is the price. The stainless steel pipes are a bit costly but if you invest in that you would surely get a long-time return. The long durability and strength of the steel pipes are an added advantage. 

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Concrete Made Pipes 

In the area where there is a heavy drainage requirement concrete pipes come to mind as the first option. Based on the need and purpose pipes of small and large diameters or their combination can be used to provide the solutions. They are obviously not costly as stainless steel but the problem of missing is something that requires a regular check. Also, one thing that affects the performance of these pipes in long run is the permeability which leads to the outward flow of the sewage fluids inside. 

Poly Vinyl Pipes

Presenting itself as a more effective and economical option in comparison to the 2 we discussed above is the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. No rusting, no mossing, and cost-effective long term usage with minimum maintenance are some of the key benefits of using the PVC pipes. Not only for commercial purposes but for domestic purposes like kitchens and sewage these pipes are a common 1st choice. The one area where it falls is the temperature and pressure variations. However, the latest variants of the PVC’s are also showing strength in that front. 

The PVC Variant 

With an additional touch of chloride comes this variant of PVC known as the Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). The advantage that it carries over PVC is the flexibility and the ease of work. Even for your home needs, one as a beginner must opt for CPVC to get quick and effective results with minimum operational hassles.  

Brass Pipes   

Brass has dominated the plumbing arena for a long. Pipes made of brass have been preferred for a long lifespan. The alloy of copper also carries with it the durability that becomes an element for its selection in commercial and even domestic purposes. It’s only after the coming up of alternatives like PVC that the Brass pipes have got a bit of setback. However, for water tanks, pressure and temperature variant situations brass has been the choice of many. 

Cross-Linked Pipes

Alongside the PVC pipes are the new kinds of Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) tubing pipes that are gaining popularity in the plumbing arena. They are a kind of plastic only but what makes them stand apart is their tolerance towards temperature variation and pressure. These new-gen pipes are well suited for operations outside and their flexible nature allows them to be utilized well in domestic and local needs where there is the involvement of twisting and turning of the pipes. 


The reason why we are discussing about these pipes at the end is that they carry most of the disadvantages and are now used for only certain specific purposes in the plumbing world. The first is that they are heavy and get rusted over a period of time and require timely maintenance. 

Now, having talked about the disadvantages let’s talk about some of the features that have kept these pipes in business and in demand. First is their ability to handle heavy pressure that comes in when you are talking about use in big commercial complexes where thousands of liters of water, sewage, and other fluids flow day in and day out. Further unlike plastic and other such pipes like the PVC, they don’t catch fire. So, for heavy commercial operations, they are amongst the popular choices to look for. 

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Well as we come to the conclusion it is important to note that many of the commercial pipes have started to being used in the domestic and residential plumbing arena. Like the PVC, CPVC, Brass, PEX, etc have been used extensively for home-based plumbing needs. The crux of which is that though these are major pipes in the commercial plumbing domain it’s not like the use is restrictive. Based on need and demand and your plumber’s advice you can pick and choose the type of pipe that best suits the situation at hand. So, no hard and fast rules as they say exist. 


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