Types of Kraft Paper Roll and Their Uses


A Kraft paper is a porous material with high elasticity and high tear resistance, due to which it is used for many industrial and commercial applications but is ideal for packaging. The thick brown paper is eco-friendly; it is 100% biodegradable and is a better option due to its strength and durability than other standard papers.  

Production of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is produced by chemical conversion of wood into pulp which includes cellulose and lignin. Since lignin does not make good paper there it is separated leaving solid wood pulp. The pulp is washed to remove any residual cooking liquor and can then be formed into various papers.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Although natural Kraft paper is not as good as virgin Kraft paper, it does not have powerful resistant and tear properties but is more environmental friendly than other Kraft papers. However, it is a low-cost packaging substitute, therefore, is cost saving for manufacturers as well help gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Types of Kraft Papers and Their Usages

1. Coloured Kraft Paper: Coloured Kraft papers are generally used for creative and craft purpose. They come in all the colours present in the rainbow. 

2. Black Kraft Paper: Black Kraft paper has rough shining surface generally being used as background in pictures, for craftworks and is ideal for monochrome projects.

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3. Virgin Natural Kraft Paper: This is the most popular Kraft paper roll due to its durable fiber content and relatively low cost. This is ideal for packaging especially in wrapping food. Due to its high tear resistance, it can also be used in heavy-duty applications. It is used as a protective layering and career sheet.

4. White or Bleached Kraft Paper: It has similar property as that of virgin natural Kraft paper. It is great for heavy-duty packaging applications. It has a crisp appearance as well as an economical alternative to table cloth or napkin.

Properties of Kraft Paper to Be Used for Printing

In the packaging industry, appearance matters the most. A brand tries to enhance the packaging appearance of products to gain the customers’ attention. The first is its appearance in terms of surface, fibre and neatness. The second is its internal quality which includes its absorption performance, chemical properties and optical properties. These will affect the printing quality of the paper.

These Kraft papers are the most environmentally friendly packaging material available for packaging. Apart from that, these are available in various colours and porous surfaces due to which can be used very creatively for branding to attract customers. The major advantage of using these is that they are environmental-friendly.

Companies supply the best quality Kraft paper roll that have great tear-resistance and add the required protection. They are existing in numerous sizes. These are ideal when shipping products and packaging supplies UK.