Top Reasons for Aggression in Cat Behavior

Aggression is a very common cause of concern amongst feline owners which is one of the biggest reasons behind frequent consultations with a behaviorist. This frustrating and scary problem arises out of the unpredictable nature of cats along with the physical harm they can inflict upon themselves out of rage. Apart from the obvious scratches and cat bites, these sudden changes in cat behavior can even transmit diseases like a bacterial infection or cat scratch fever. Thus, you can very well understand the graveness of the situation which is why today we will take you through the common causes of aggression in cats so that you can keep your favorite feline protected from the same at all costs.


You can notice a rapid change in cat behavior if they succumb to any form of pain whereby they will respond with swats and hisses on being touched at their sore regions. If you ignore the warning signs, then chances are high that your otherwise lovable cat might end up scratching or even biting you. This becomes all the more obvious if this change in your cat behavior is triggered by physical abuse like being hit or kicked.

Fear –

Fear can also serve as a potent cause of aggression in cats. An experienced cat caretaker can immediately make out the body language of a terrified cat by gauging its responses. She will thus try to look larger by puffing up her tail and turning sideways. This sudden change in cat behavior can also be associated with dilated pupils, hissing sounds and ears flattened backward. Your pet feline might display an aggressive attitude while trying to approach her in such a scenario as she is in the middle of a panic reaction. Thus, you shouldn’t mistake such behaviors as signs of dislike towards yourself.

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Redirected aggression might trigger a sudden change in cat behavior especially if they cannot reach an object of their predatory desire. An indoor cat might thus get into a highly reactive state on seeing another cat entering his territory. Anyone who is unfortunate to be nearby in such a scenario, whether it’s a dog, person or another cat might end up facing the wrath of such aggressive cat behavior.

The quantum of aggression is more likely to be higher in cats who have not been neutered or spayed. Male cats have a tendency of picking up fights with their peers belonging to the same gender especially in the presence of females in heat. Thus, it is advisable not to intervene physically amidst two fighting cats as you might just end up becoming an unlikely target of such violent cat behavior.

Stress –

Cats are extremely vulnerable to post-traumatic stress. Thus, the chronic anxiety arising out of past human violence or having to survive on the streets can cause them to exhibit aggression. A small course of anti-anxiety medication can be of exceptional help in such a case for resolving all issues pertaining to your cat’s behavior. Vets might even prescribe flower essences or homeopathic remedies for making them less reactive to such triggers.

If a cat stays in a home with too many cats or where people are constantly bickering, then they might develop an aggressive tendency. Their behavior can be compared with that of children who develop a rough attitude because of such disturbed upbringing and by staying with broken families.

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Cat behavior can be triggered through chemical imbalances making the usage of anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants and absolute necessity.


Even the highly experienced cat caretakers might find it difficult to manage a cat who in the middle of a fit of aggression. Instances are not rare when the close encounter with a growling, hissing, scratching and even biting cat has struck massive terror in the hearts of people who don’t know how to deal with such aggressive cat behavior. Irrespective of the cause of aggression it is always followed by warning signs. You can thus very well understand by this article if your furry friend is getting anxious before the whole situation escalates to a crisis scenario.


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