Top 5 Best Malaysian Islands

Some the best Malaysian islands are still rather dark, while others have turned out to be stapled special Honeymoon or escape Place, surely understood for giving a blend of extravagance, gastronomy, and culture in a tropical setting.

With so many islands in Malaysia, you may feel befuddled about finding the ideal heaven detect that best suits your needs and spending plan. Look at this rundown of 5 best Malaysian islands for some significant motivation.

Tioman Island


It is anything but difficult to forget about existence on Tioman, a standout amongst other Malaysian islands, and one of my preferred spots in all of Malaysia.

This laid-back, charming island with flawless sandy shorelines is encompassed by a rich wilderness and despite the fact that I visited during pinnacle season, there were times when I felt that I had the entire island to myself!

Whenever betrayed shorelines with turquoise waters, great cascades encompassed by a wilderness shade and nice town life is your thing, look no further! There’s a wide assortment of convenience accessible on Tioman running from extravagance resorts to hiker shoreline chalets which makes this island appropriate for generally spending plans.

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Mabul Island


Pulau Mabul is renowned for swimming, and much more so for jumping which is the principle movement on the island. Situated off the shore of Sabah in Borneo, the island is known to be an extraordinary site for refuse jumping and is particularly famous with large scale picture takers.

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Mabul island is little and you can undoubtedly stroll around it in about 60 minutes. In spite of the fact that there are better shorelines somewhere else, I’m including it on this rundown of best Malaysian islands in view of its high grouping of marine life which makes it an awesome goal for fanatics of the submerged world!

Penang Island


Penang is one of Malaysia’s most famous goals and outstanding amongst other Malaysian islands to visit, particularly since George Town, it’s capital, is Malaysia’s second-biggest city and an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

George Town is also a mainstream culinary goal with various road sustenance choices. This, together with its novel design and idiosyncratic road craftsmanship, makes the city deserving of its notoriety for being Malaysia’s centre for food and art.

Perhentian Islands


The two fundamental Perhentian islands (Big island and Small island) give various kinds of settlement alternatives. The littler island provides food primarily to the hiker swarm where gatherings on the beaches are prevalent. The travel industry on the bigger island is cantered more towards families and those needing to maintain a strategic distance from the gathering scene.

The Perhentians’ dynamite beaches, blue-green waters and rich wilderness make them probably the best Malaysian islands for those needing to absorb the sun and unwind on the white sands. Sounds great right? Shockingly better is the way that the islands offer some incredible swimming and jumping openings, regularly with excellent visibility.



This tropical diamond is really an archipelago of around 100 islands in the northwest of Malaysia with Pulau Langkawi being the biggest and most thickly possessed. The island is separated into a few locales and takes into account voyagers, all things considered, being home to hiker lodgings just as lavish comprehensive beach resorts.

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It is likewise outstanding amongst other Malaysian islands for a special first-night retreat with selective hotels in Datai Bay providing food for sentimental escapes. In case you’re searching for a decent nightlife scene and differing eateries, your most logical option is to base yourself in the beautiful Pantai Cenang with its beachfront bars and parlours.

There are a lot of exercises on the island running from washing in cascade pools, wilderness trekking, link vehicle rides, excellent rice fields and plants, and obviously bunches of shorelines with water-based activities.

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