Tips To Make All Pages of Your Website Content Evergreen

Web pages can never last for an eternity. But there are numerous web pages and articles which lack evergreen qualities. Therefore, after a few months or years, they simply become useless. They are unread, unindexed and ignored by people. However, there are some tips which you can adopt to ensure that all pages of your website content remain evergreen. In this article, we will discuss in detail all these steps.

What does ‘’Evergreen’’ actually mean?

Evergreen content refers to that content which continues to draw search traffic and readers follow it after it has been published. 

It’s About Search Traffic As Well As Readers

The most common misconception that people have regarding evergreen content is that it is only about readers rather than search engines. When we speak of SEO, content is not only for creating content for users but also about search engines. With evergreen content, we will reverse this to focus on a single point. Evergreen content cannot be called evergreen unless search engines are indexing it and returning it in search results. Of what use is ‘’evergreen’’ article which is not returned in search results? If an article isn’t evergreen to search engines, it won’t be evergreen to anybody.

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Evergreen Content Is Content Which Says Different Things For Different People


The entire idea behind evergreen content is completely relevance. But keep one thing in mind. Relevance is very slippery since an old article can be of relevance to someone with an interest in history. But it won’t be relevant to someone who is looking for the latest information.

Some Types of Content Can’t Be Evergreen But That’s Normal

The nature of some articles and topics is such that they can never become evergreen. But that is something normal. This is because the boost in search volume is worth the extra traffic it generates for you. Such content may not last for a long time, but it will serve your purpose as long as it does. Articles of such type can be something like ‘’The Best SEO Practices In 2019’’. But by 2020, this article will become obsolete.

What Type of Content Works Best For Evergreen?

As we have mentioned earlier, evergreen content is meant not just for readers but also search engines as well. There are some specific types of content which can draw search traffic year after year. Simultaneously, this is the actual type of content which readers follow with avid interest.

Definitions and Explanations

These are some of the vital sources of evergreen content for readers and search engines. Have you seen how Google pulls the most accurate answers for Knowledge Graph results?


Tips are valuable for almost anybody. Create one tip based Blog post and you will draw traffic from it over a long period.

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Case Studies


Though you may feel that case studies are not evergreen, they are really helpful. The very term ‘’case study’’ is a superb search modifier for long-tail questions which draws a lot of traffic. Most of the content producers involved in SEO are publishing ‘’case studies’’ these days. They often take the help of companies which offer SEO services in Noida to create such contents in PDF or the form of reports. Other researchers refer to such contents and link them. They are, therefore, a useful channel for link building.


Just like a case study, a report is a type of content which exists long after being published. Often, reports deal with a specific year or timeframe. Though the subject-matter of a report is time-bound, it is highly useful for research. You can use reports as a source to acquire links and citations from the internet.

How-To Articles

The internet has an abundance of how-to-articles. Google, as well as readers, value them highly. These articles are highly valuable as they are beneficial for readers. The higher the numbers of how-to-articles you create for your website the better will it be for your website. You can take the help of a reliable SEO company in Noida to create this type of articles.

Non-Tech Articles Related To Behavior or Attitudes

If you are involved in the tech domain, you can find it tough to create evergreen content. For specific topics such as gardening, cooking, relationships, content can stay evergreen for years. Tech is a domain where developments are taking place daily, especially in digital marketing. However, you can create evergreen content which covers a topic broadly, but at the same time retain their evergreen status.

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A list article is an effective way to create an evergreen style of content. People love articles which are in this format and read them with a great deal of attention.

How Can You Make Content Evergreen?


The vital components for creating evergreen content are relevance and quality. There are some techniques which you can adopt to make any web page evergreen. First and foremost, display the date. By displaying the date on which an article was published, you admit that it was published and allow the user to decide whether to leave or stay on the page. Just because you have evergreen content doesn’t mean that you will leave it as it is. Google gives precedence to pages which are updated frequently. To keep your web page active in index and SERPs, get it updated periodically.