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Use the Art of Storytelling to Weave a Compelling Story for Your Guest Blog

We live in a world where the competition is fierce and digital trends are volatile. Every day more than 4 million blogs are published on the World Wide Web. It requires lots of effort and a hook point to gauge the attention of the audience and generate interest too. Guest blogging is the art that demands a good story and a creative copy to hold the interest of the readers. Everyone loves a story even skimmers and hasty readers are no spare for it. They are sure to read your blog if you start your blog with an attractive and pain point story. Many guest Bloggers use the art of storytelling to write their guest blogs.

The Power of a Wise Story

A good story is sure to give your guest blog a distinct edge and meet your guest blogging objectives. It can tactfully indulge your readers in your blog and convey the message without annoying them. A guest blogging with ample tricks and tips is sure to engage and interact with your reader. Including a personal story or a hypothetical story will add more credibility to your blog. It will entice the reader to read your blog, relate to the story, and get some credible information.

Storytelling is all about how you weave a story, focus on the main topic of the story, and conclude it with a good takeaway. While you are guest blogging, make sure your story is practical, crisp, clear, simple, and connects with your readers. Establishing the connection is one of the vital elements of guest blogging and should not be ignored at any time. Your blog should sound realistic and connectable. Your content should be able to give the reader what they want and what they need simultaneously.

Tips for Writing a Story for Your Guest Blog

Story Writing Tips For Guest Blogging

Great Opening for a Great Story

The opening of a story is very important. It determines whether your readers will read your guest blog or not. Therefore, your story must have an attractive and gripping opening. Your story should generate curiosity and eagerness in your reader. It should compel your reader to spare their time and read your blog thoroughly. However, the opening of a gust Blog should not be too lengthy and away from the topic. It should be to the point, give a gist about what is in the blog, describes the solution, and have a disillusionment factor too. 

You can end the opening of your story with some direct questions to give your guest blog an interactive and one to one feel. After writing, a riveting opening for your guest blog you can move on to the main text and discuss the topic in detail. After all, Guest blogging is about giving authentic and credible information to the reader.

Main Text and Character

Any story is incomplete without the presence of a strong character and plot. While you are writing a guest blog, try to make it a little personal by adding a few elements which give a reader a gist of your personal experiences. Exploit your experience with the subject to strengthen the connection of the reader with the blog. Use the wealth of your experiences to give the information that your audience is looking out for. Connect with your readers, transfer your emotions, and draw a wonderful portrait that instantly establishes the bond with the audience, involves them, and compel them to read the whole piece. 

Reader’s Perspective

Guest Blogging is all about involving your readers and providing them information that they are looking out for. Therefore, it is necessary that your blog is written from the reader’s perspective. Focusing too much on the main topic and giving a host of information can be at times boring and a major turn-off for the reader. Rather use impressive anecdotes that lead the reader to the action. 

Focus on emotions, feelings, and sentiments of the readers. Your reader should be able to live through your story, experience the journey of your character, feel the same feelings as your character is feeling. They should be able to place them in your character’s shoes and connect with the story cognitively and emotionally.

Align Your Story with the Message

A story without a message will disappoint your readers and leave them dumb head. There should be an intersection point on your story where your blog and the story link together. A story is pleasing when it has something hidden for the reader, a message, a thought, an important piece of information, etc. Your reader should be able to take something from your story and your guest blog.

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Read Stories for Effectively Writing Guest Blog

Read Stories

Reading stories can help you to refine your storytelling skills. You should be an avid reader and use all the available resources to read guest blog stories and how they are written to hook the readers. Search for stories pertaining to the subject and write them from your perspective and audience profile. 

 Explanatory Story

An explanatory Story is a great way to help the reader understand their problem and give them suitable solutions for their problems. An explanatory Story for guest blogging is a powerful way to make the problem real for the reader.

Incorporate Good Story Elements

A Good Story is a combination of entertainment, information, relativity, experience, and fun. It should be organized, memorable, and have strong characters. It should cleverly plot the characters, swiftly transit to the topic, and give relevant information to the reader.

The Bottom Line

Stories are eye-catching, highly engaging, interactive, and deeply rooted in our brains. They can be used smartly to convey any message with ease. Since the Attention span of a reader is very limited. One should make the best use of stories to make their guest posts interesting and worth the time of the readers. 

Stories can be perceived as a powerful media for guest blogging. It can surely attract the reader’s attention and generate curiosity in a reader. Stories are the best way to give your blogs a distinct edge in the sea of competing guest blogs. 


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