5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Blissful

Surely if you like animals and you have a pet, you will want the best for her. So we tell you the things you should keep in mind so that your furry is a healthy and happy dog. Take note.

Some tips to enjoy a healthy and happy dog.

If you decided to share your life with a furry, you should know the responsibility that implies. And you must also find a balanced formula so that the animal is happy and healthy, both physically and emotionally.

So keep in mind that it is not enough to cover your material needs. But that is not enough to just pamper it.

For a dog to be healthy and happy, then, you must consider a number of issues. Keep in mind these tips that we leave below.

To have a healthy and happy dog ​​we must contemplate a number of factors. Being a responsible owner implies that we take care not only of your physical needs including dog runs but also of emotional ones.

1-Give Quality Food and According to its Characteristics


Beyond the type of food – commercial or homemade – that you decide to give to your pet, a consultation with the veterinarian or, even better, with an expert in animal nutrition is imposed.

A professional will know what is the best option to feed your hairy at every stage of his life. The issues to consider are, for example:

  1. Race
  2. Age
  3. Size
  4. Weight
  5. Physical activity level
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In addition, the specialist should indicate the amount of food you should give per day and how to handle the issue of prizes and treats. Remember also that you should always have enough fresh water available. And that you must provide a clean and ventilated space for your rest.

2-Try to Perform Physical Activity Appropriate to Your Needs


While all hairy animals require daily and exploratory walks, which also allow them to play and interact with other dogs, not everyone needs the same level of physical activity.

There are breeds that were used as working dogs and must spend all that energy they possess. Others are quieter. But the truth is that dogs also need exercise to keep their heart, bones and muscles in good condition.

The veterinarian will be able to indicate the level of physical activity that your four-legged friend should develop according to their characteristics. What should be clear is that the walks are not just for your pet to pee and poop out of the house.

3-Take it to the Veterinarian Frequently


An annual check, deworming and vaccines are three fundamental factors to take care of the health of your dog.

But in addition, you must observe it well and before any change that you notice in your furry, you must consult the professionals to determine if something happens to the animal and if it requires treatment.

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4-Educate Him and Treat him like a Dog


If you consider you’re furry as a family member, you should indicate what the basic rules of behavior and coexistence are. For this, it is always preferable to use positive reinforcement.

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In addition, you must agree with the rest of the human members who live in the house so as not to confuse the hairy with different indications.

On the other hand, remember that your dog is not a person. So treat it as can and respect the issues of your kind. Assume that a hairy sniffs, barks, digs, etc. In this way, you will surely avoid behavioral and health problems, both physical and emotional.

5-Do Not Miss Pampering and Games


Food, education, exercise, taking care of your health are undoubtedly fundamental factors to have a healthy and happy dog. However, if you do not add a good dose of attention and pampering, the formula will not be complete.

So take a good time every day to have fun with your pet and, incidentally, stimulate your intelligence with some game. And don’t forget to get him a toy to entertain him in those moments when you can’t be caressing him or playing with him.

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