PPC Campaign Performance Boost Tips

Top 9 Tips for Planning and Boosting Your PPC Campaign Performance

The entire pith of marketing lies in reaching the customers and grabbing those essential clicks that will help turn a browser into a client. This can get tricky sometimes as you do not know where to look for an audience, who is your audience, and what to expect from the clicks and conversion rates.

Trust me, this sounds extremely overwhelming with thousands of steps and continuous iteration. In this every dethroning environment it is necessary that business marketing relies on something much more trusted. Here is where PPC or Pay Per Click advertising can help.

Businesses often hire PPC experts for getting an edge in the market.

Do not worry if you are new to the concept of PPC. Here we have compiled all the information you need to know about PPC its planning, and how to boost the PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which businesses can put ads on the different advertising networks to attract customers and create viability of their brand. The clients need to pay the money only when they receive a click from the user end.

Planning of PPC

Planning of PPC campaign is a strategic step-by-step process, one needs to combine different tools and talents to effectively optimize and curate the model to leverage the ads on different networks.

Planning of PPC starts with formulating ideas and plans for the advertisement, having extensive market research about the audience and competitors. The subsequent steps require manipulating effective keywords, budgeting for the project, creating a prototype of the ad, launching, reporting, iterating, and many other structured steps.

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All the steps if taken care of in an efficient manner can help boost the traffic of the page, and generate revenues, and find loyal customers for your service. A business should also take care of the diversion rated of the industry and maintain a standard conversion rate to not fall behind the market and add up to the customers and revenue generation.

Types of PPC

PPC is a wide concept and usually is classified into different types based on the nature of targeting and campaigns. Let us go through the types of PPC Campaigns.

All the above-mentioned have their own subtypes, here hire PPC expert to know every detail of the advertising model.

Tips for Boosting the Performance of PPC Campaign

1.   Define goals

Know what you want to achieve at the end of the campaign. It is almost impossible to set a track for your ads if you do not know where to drive the campaign, this makes it extremely necessary to brainstorm goals and formulate structured goals for the future.

Set the goal; whether you want more traffic, better leads, customers, optimization. Make sure to know what you want to achieve for better progress.

2.   Know the audience and the market

Always keep on testing your campaigns and see what is more effective and what does not attract due attention. Audience and market trends keep fluctuating. This makes it necessary to adapt according to the demographics of the audience and the latest trends of the market to keep a track of the ads and attract more customers.

Testing based on the audience can boost performance by over 5%with every change associated. Also, constant updates will keep the product abreast of the completion and services can strive for positive changes.

3.   Keep away from funnel targeting

One mistake businesses often make in marketing is not navigating to a particular niche and using way too many words that are not specific to the service. The best way to achieve high conversion rates for your ads is to use hyper-targeted audiences and driving traffic that is specific to a service.

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Different networks have different backend targets that help in creating a good path to good customer navigation.

4.   Work on keywords

Understand the keywords and use high conversion keywords for the same. This can be achieved by looking at different keywords both local and using VPN. Look through the market and search high conversion keywords having significant conversion rates.

Avoid using negative keywords that can affect the page adversely. Do not fall for traps of negative keywords and try to navigate the performance through positive keywords.

5.   Utilize extensions

Add extensions to your ads, this will ensure that the product or service that you present has additional information associated with them. Utilizing extensions helps to add visibility to your ads and helps to improve the ROI of the services.

This can be achieved through various extensions like

  • Sitelinks extension
  • Call extension
  • App extension
  • Review extension

6.   Understand bidding strategies

Bidding strategies need to be formulated to effectively navigate the path of conversion. This is one essential part that needs to be focused upon by the users of PPC.

Focusing on the bidding strategies helps the businesses to formulate conversion rates, actions, activities, campaigns, and other things related to the campaign. The best tip given by experts is that bidding should be navigated towards performance. This can help you improve the overall CPA of the ad and create a positive impact on the audience.

7.   Build high conversion pages

Apart from the ads, it is necessary to have a positive impact on the users to turn them into potential customers. This can be achieved by having high-performance landing and diversion pages. This helps the users to run the ads on a user-friendly platform and to navigate their way to the main home page efficiently.

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Create ads that are responsive and can work on multiple platforms to give the users an option for cross navigation. Ensure to add the required objects and iterate variables whenever necessary to keep the ads up to date.

8.   Work on enhancing the quality score of the campaign

Quality score is determined by the quality of keywords, ads, landing pages, and much more. This helps in determining the overall performance of the ads on a particular network and helps to build ads having higher performance. This performance can be navigated through the relevance of the ads and clicks on the ads. The performance can also be navigated through search reports.

The quality score can be enhanced by adding relevant keywords and scrutinizing them according to the conversion rates and target specific audience. This will ensure that your ads do not digress and fit the service.

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9.   Monitor CTR and optimization.

CTR or Click Through Rate helps the businesses know the number of audiences clicking on the ads. This helps in the optimization of the ads and formulate strategies to further enhance the performance of the ads.

This also tells whether your ads are relevant and if they are worth the attention of search engines. This can be optimized by adding relevant keywords and improving the search terms associated with the app and making positive impressions for the same.

Finally, PPC is not a matter of quick steps. It needs dedicated efforts and navigated paths to achieve the possible goals. Make sure to plan the PPC campaign according to the goals and keep an eye on conversion rates. Research the market to know what works best for the ads, latest market trends, and audience demographics.

All the things combined can enhance the quality score of your ads and will ensure that you receive due attention from users across the globe.

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.