Tips for New Outdoorsman

Five Tips for a New Outdoorsman

Although the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that the world is working its way through has many preferring the safety of indoors, there are several healthy and safe ways to enjoy being outside that have lots of benefits. In addition to the fresh air, spending time outdoors also makes your mental state better and delivers Vitamin D at immeasurable levels. Discover why more people are taking advantage of activities that can be done outside and are safe and five tips that are vital for the new outdoorsman.

With staying safe at the forefront of minds, the low costs of being outdoors are also beneficial for families. However, the draw for outdoorsmen are characteristics that leave them inclined to want to be close to nature and become one with the land.

They want to preserve the environment and enjoy peace from the naturalness of the outside. Opting for hiking, hunting, camping, and fishing make spending time outside enjoyable.

As more people are venturing outside in safe ways, five tips for new outdoorsmen are:

Tips For Beginner Outdoorsman

1. Protect Your Skin

Skin is our largest organ and is made up mostly of water. It is an outer layer, sensitive, and something that we must take the time to protect. Soaking up Vitamin D is excellent for our overall health, and we use clothing to cover large portions of our skin.

However, being outdoors leaves our skin susceptible to damage from harmful elements, and outdoorsmen need to go the extra mile to protect their skin.

One of the most harmful elements for skin for an outdoorsman includes UV rays. UV rays are ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. It is a source of energy that can damage the skin and cause skin cancer.

Some ways to protect your skin from UV rays include:

  • Avoiding the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when it emits the strongest UV rays.
  • Always wear sunscreen – even on cloudy or overcast days. Using a lotion will protect you more than the spray version, but if that is all you have make sure to generously cover your exposed areas.  
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors.
  • Wear protective clothing that is breathable but covers the skin. You want to find clothes that will protect you from UV light but are made of materials that are light enough to not be hot like cotton, rayon, flax, and hemp.

2. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is essential to a healthy lifestyle. However, suppose you are outdoors and participating in an activity.

In that case, you are likely sweating and losing water from your body through sweat, then staying hydrated while outdoors is crucial for keeping your joints lubricated, delivering nutrients throughout your body, and improving your mood.

If you are hiking, biking, or participating in an outside activity, it is crucial that you hydrate before the action and bring water along while doing the exercise.

Several companies make great water bottles that can easily be attached to bikes, backpacks, or waist straps. It is vital to bring along extra if your activity is longer than expected or to hydrate someone else.

Staying hydrated is essential for the outdoorsman and will make your time outside less stressful and more enjoyable.

3. Look for Locations

Finding activities for outdoor activities can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve already been to the park, been camping, or done activities in your town in spaces designated for activities.

However, thinking outside the box will give you opportunities beyond what’s right there in front of you. For hikes, using websites like AllTrails or HikeSpeak to find trails in your local area.

Take the time to read reviews by other hikes to get more detailed information about each trail. 

Driving a few extra miles to go white water rafting, rock climbing in another city, or even traveling to go horseback riding is worth the extra effort.

If you are in Denver, consider skiing or Colorado fly fishing with a coach on a guided tour boat with the family for a day of fun. There are tons of activities that may mean moving beyond your borders for pleasure.

4. Be Prepared 

Whether it’s a morning hike, an all-day fishing trip, or a multi-day camping excursion, it is important to do research about where you want to go, to make sure you are properly prepared.

Once you know where you are going, look up the area. Is there infrastructure nearby? If not you will need to pack food and enough water to stay hydrated through the day.

Look up the weather before your leave and dress accordingly. If the weather is going to change, bring extra clothes or layers to stay warm or cool enough. 

If the location you are going to has little or no reception, bring some sort of GPS device with you, and have a digital or physical map of the area. Make sure to tell someone where you are going, in case you get hurt or lost.

If you are taking a car off main roads, make sure to have a backup tire and someone with you who knows how to change them. Keep a first aid kit in your car, in case someone gets injured during your adventure. 

5. Get the Family Involved

Involve Family In Outdoorsman

An excellent tip for the new outdoorsman who wants to include the family in outdoor activities is to fit the entire family in planning.

Whether it’s choosing locations or simply saying which activities they wish to participate in, letting all members of the family have a say in what you will do does planning and executing outdoor family fun great.

End Note

With staying safe at the forefront of minds, the characteristics of outdoorsmen leave them inclined to want to be close to nature and become one with the land.

They want to preserve the environment and enjoy peace from the naturalness of the outside. More are opting for hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, and spending time outside.

Hopefully, these five tips will help prepare you for amazing outdoor adventures, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature around you as an Outdoorsman.


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