Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Losing Pregnancy Weight After Delivery: 11 Must-Follow Tips

Pregnancy is a 9-month journey that every woman wishes to go through at least once in their life. Carrying and bringing a tiny human being into this world is not easy, especially to a mother. From hormonal changes to weight gain and mood swings – it takes a toll on both the physical and mental states of the female body.

There are many issues a mother has to deal with during pregnancy and one of those things is weight gain. Weight gain is a natural and common process that ensures the baby is growing healthily inside. However, excess weight gain could cause complications during birth, the occurrence of gestational diabetes, and obesity after delivery. Gaining weight more than recommended increases the chances of having a c section.

So, it’s important to gainweight at a normal rate. It also becomes easy for you to lose weight after delivery. Studies show that women who grow recommended weight during pregnancy are quick to lose those extra pounds. Following regular exercise and diet is enough for it.

Nevertheless, due to various conditions, many women fall victim to excess weight gain and fail to lose those pounds after delivery. The extra fat, usually termed as baby fat, does not look good on adults, and you may have to ditch wearing all your favorite dresses. Surely, a considerable to cry. But don’t worry, today, we’ve brought you 11 simple ways to shed extra weight after delivery.

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Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Tips to Lose Weight After Delivery

1. Be practical and realistic

Setting realistic goals is the key to losing pregnancy weight after delivery. You have to keep it in your mind that losing extra weight takes time – from 6 months to 1 year or even more than that. Don’t expect to see a sudden drop in your weight just because your baby is out. The fat stored in your body for the delivery process, breastfeeding, and the kind of lifestyle you lead are some of the factors that affect your body weight after pregnancy. Start with walking and then shift to strength training exercises post 2 months of your delivery.

2. Don’t rely on crash diets

Crash diets are those that contain very low-carbohydrates. While it may seem an effective way to lose weight, it’s not healthy for your body. 

Your body undergoes a lot of stress during pregnancy and delivery, and it needs time and energy to recover. So, you need a significant amount of calories for your body to function as normal as it was before pregnancy. Immediately following crash diets could make your body weak and you may feel lethargic. Also, as you need to take care of your baby, it’s important to eat well. 

3. Take a note of what you’re eating

When we say you have to eat well, it means that you’ve to eat right. Follow the same healthy diet that you’ve followed during pregnancy. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, etc. Also, there are some foods that you may have to avoid after delivery. So, consult your doctor and tell them about your diet plan and modify your food intake accordingly. Also, if you’re breastfeeding, you will have to take extra food for the good milk supply to the child. 

4. Fibre rich and protein-based food

Including fibre rich food in your diet keeps your tummy from frequent hunger pangs. Moreover, it improves digestion and removes constipation problems in new mommies. And the best part is fibre rich food is proved to aid for weight loss. However, take care that you’re going for soluble fibre. 

And the next is protein intake. Having more protein in your diet increases your metabolism and reduces your food appetite. It reduces your calorie intake because having more protein in your body helps digest more calories. This means it reduces your calorie intake and does not stock up on more of it in your body.

5. Munch on healthy snacks

During pregnancy, you might have restricted a lot on your favourite snacks like chips, burgers, etc. And you have to maintain the same after pregnancy. You always have to rely on healthy snacks like nuts, bread, grains, sprouts, etc. They fill your tummy and keep you away from unhealthy snacks and drinks. For increased taste, you can sauté grains or sprouts to keep your tongue happy. Other options are yogurt, granola bar, popcorn, string cheese, etc. 

6. Say no to sugar and carbonated drinks

For anyone who wants to lose weight or stay healthy must avoid sugary foods and carbonated drinks, and young moms are no exception. As you already have more weight, you should strictly say no to these types of drinks. Even smoothies, juices are not as good as they have more amount of sugar in them. However, you may crave them once in a while. So, swap those drinks with healthy options like green tea, herbal tea, etc. Tea is not only refreshing but vitalises your body and keeps you active. But before using, know if loose lea tea is better than tea bags, as each one has its pros and cons.

7. Junk and processed food

Like carbonated drinks, show your palm to junk and processed food as they have zero nutritional value but high-calorie content. They also are rich in preservative, salt content, and other ingredients which promote weight gain. So, when you’re trying to lose weight after pregnancy, say no to these foods. Alternatively, you can rely on healthy snacks like dates, bread toast, oats, raisins, etc. They are filling and also tasty to your tongue

8. Avoiding alcohol

Just because you gave birth, it doesn’t mean you have to start drinking alcohol right away. You have to be careful about your alcohol intake and if you want to lose weight within a year, it’s best to avoid alcohol completely. Also, alcohol adds more calories to your body and adds most of the weight to your belly region. So, it’s best to stay away from alcohol for at least one year after delivery. In case any occasion demands, consume unsweetened and bubbly drinks.

9. Stay as active as possible

Whether you had a normal or c section, start doing exercises as soon as you feel like yourself. Walking and light stretching exercises are good to start. Along with that, do all of your baby chores, house activities, etc. Staying as active as possible will help you shed that extra weight sooner. And for stamina, rely on a healthy diet to aid your weight loss regime.

10. Stay hydrated and sleep well

During pregnancy, you might have consumed a lot of water to stay hydrated. The same you have to do after delivery too. It not only keeps you hydrated but promotes weight loss as well. So, don’t neglect drinking water just because you’re stuck doing some baby chore or any housing activity. Additionally, add as much sleep as it’s possible during night time. We know how hard it can be with your baby waking up at odd timings during the night. But adjust to your baby routine and get as much sleep as possible.

11. Don’t hesitate to rely on someone

Going through pregnancy and delivery itself is an exhausting process. And you’ve to shed weight immediately too. All this can take a toll on your mental mind. So, don’t hesitate to rely on someone you love for both emotional and physical support. Ask your partner to be understanding and take help whenever you need it. 

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So, these are the 11 tips that we are sure to help a new mom to shed weight faster. However, you have to keep in mind that every woman’s story is different and has different timelines for shedding weight. Don’t think about anyone else but focus on your body is responding to the diet and exercise you are doing. We are sure you will go back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

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