Thrifty Ideas DIY for Home

12 Thrifty Ideas DIY for Home and Lifestyle Hacks

You may often find it difficult to manage your budget. This is because we tend to spend on items or things that we can actually save on. There are more than hundreds of hacks in daily life through which you can save and still get the job done. You need to look around your home, make a list and prioritize them as you like. Here we are sharing only

12 thrifty ideas DIY for home & lifestyle hacks, rest is up to you to research and apply these ideas as they suit you.

Saving on Thrifty Ideas DIY

You may after all need those glues or binding stuff or some tools to get your work done. So use online discount codes to save as you like. But do a little research on how these could really benefit you.

1. Mobile Holder

What you’ll need to make these fancy mobile phone holders, you’ll be required to make this DIY project. Cutter, Marker, Toilet paper Roll, tape, Double-sided tape or glue, 2 pieces of paper & Ruler.

Take up the roll and wrap it cleanly with a gift or fancy paper. You can cut out neatly in the center with the hollow space to accommodate your mobile.

Take a flat hard cardboard or carton piece and cut it into the size of the roll and stick it below two to three layers to make it stout enough to work as the base of the mobile holder.

2. Homemade Coconut Milk Shampoo

You can make this awesome shampoo at home. Just take these ingredients: 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1/3 cup baby shampoo, 1 teaspoon of vitamin E, you can add olive or almond oil, and 10 to 20 drops of essential oil.

To make your homemade coconut milk, you will need to place 1/2 cup coconut flakes into your blender with one cup of hot water. Pulse the mixture about 20 times.

Repeat this four times and you will end up with 4 cups of fresh coconut milk. On each turn pass the liquid through a sieve cloth to blend again.

3. DIY Pom-Pom Rug

A pom-pom rug is a cute simple project in a lot of these thrifty ideas DIY. You can use the rug to decorate the entrance. You can even make a large pom-pom rug for the living room with some time investment.

This DIY pom-pom rug is the best gift you could ever give your home. What you need is to cut out the rug pad about the size you want. Layout the pom-pom as you want and then glue them onto the rug pad to give that look.

4. Log Planter for Flowers

Log Planter for Flowers

Find a good round wooden log or get it into that shape. Chisel out a hollow space both through using an electric seesaw and chiseler neatly.

Flatten the base so that it can easily balance out itself on the floor. Next, you can now use it as a planter for flowers by putting up the soil and planting the flower seeds.

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5. Wire Hanger Book Holder

  • Bend the two sides of an old hanger at the middle
  • using a pair of pliers, squeeze both ends so that the wires lay flat against each other
  • Fold the two sides up to form a stand adequate to fit an open book
  • Fold the top of the hanger up in such a way that it stands at a right angle
  • Now fold the top of the hanger to face the front side
  • Curl the top of the hanger to create a circle neatly
  • Fold the bottom wire up to tie into the top of the hanger
  • Prop that Novel Book in the stand now and get to flipping through it

No doubt this is a really easy and cheap one as far as these thrifty ideas DIY is concerned.

6. Furniture Growing Old

Don’t throw away a piece of well-worn furniture. Take another look and see if you might be able to re-use it another way.

Your wardrobe can be given a new look with offcuts of wallpaper on the glass panels. A vivid coat of paint or varnish, or putting up new upholstery, are other easy ways to give an unloved piece another go.

7. Mismatched Piece

When you look at your dining table and its chairs, one of them has a broken seat. Don’t worry go to the junk shop, find a piece that wouldn’t match. Don’t worry, mismatched furniture at times looks far cooler than you think?

Kitchen seating or the dining table seat is a prime example, colours or styles that are different can look great. So if you’ve found a bright red chair matching your set, just love it as you don’t need to buy the complete new set.

8. Hang a Photo Gallery

Photo galleries are a great way to cover a bare wall or a cheerless corner. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and frame designs or pieces of broken iron furniture. Remember all these can be used to cover and even you can put anything from old family photos to drawings up there.

9. Repaint Your Chairs

Simply dip the wooden bar stools or the dining room chairs into the pain to give a whole new look. From the bright red to the white or pale pastels will give overall a new look and dimension in a more muted way.

10. Decorate with Pennies

Decorate with Pennies

You can decorate a flower vase with pennies. Mind You, just pick that old money box or a vase and decorate with the collected pennies.

The Pennies in fact are niftier than you think, you can use pennies to decorate accessories such as vases but you can also them for more elaborate projects such as a penny counter.

11. Calendar Pages

You often have calendar pages that have those Vintage Car Photos. One idea could be to cut out and frame them and put them up in your bedroom. Or even you could use the vintage car photos along with other calendar photos to make up a new calendar for the next year. Use your artistic genius here.

12. Stylish Stairs Fix

Elevating the look of an old staircase could be just as easy as one two and three. Using sticker tiles or with leftover wallpapers cutouts, you can give a totally fresh look to the steps.

Stairs over time, start looking worn-out. It’s a small investment that can have a big impression. Another quite an easy to do in the thrifty ideas DIY projects.

Wrapping It Up

These thrifty ideas DIY are numerous in number. As they say, look from a Customers’ perspective, you will start seeing clearly the white, black, and grey areas of your home.

To fix them you require a fortune and the big call is time. So you need to identify and start working on one to two projects at a time.

Jorja Fawsitt

Marketing manager