Keep in Mind While Playing with feline

Things to Keep In Mind While Planning Cat Activity With Your Cat

Cat activity is essential for the maturity and development of cats and also serves as a pleasurable domestic activity which can strengthen your bond with your favorite pet. Although the mobility and energy level of cats decrease gradually with increasing age, they can still engage in gentle games for maintaining a healthy weight. Interactive games can hone the hunting skills of your cat while warding away all forms of aggression or negative energy.

Engaging in cat activity can also be of great help in easing the transition of your brand-new pet from its previous home while boosting up their confidence meter. The involvement of the owner can vary from a simple game of fetching to focus on training with ‘clicker’ rewards. This entire episode is determined by the amount of time you can devote to your pet as well as the nature of your cat.

Felines which have a tendency of staying indoors will have to be engaged in ample cat activity to prevent them from getting bored. The cat owners need to be primarily aware of their responsibilities so that they can adequately cater to the mental as well as physical needs of their feline companions. If you simply cannot devote any time to your precious little pet, then you need to ensure that your cat gets to enjoy ample time outdoors. In this case, they will enjoy the company of fellow felines while chasing leaves and climbing walls and trees.

Playing With Kittens


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Cat activity in this case should not include small or sharp objects which the kitten might choke on. The ideal toys for kittens are soft objects like cotton chew toys which makes it easier for them to sink their teeth without hurting themselves. It is best if your kitten enjoys the company of fellow kittens. However, if you have a single-cat household, then you need to be especially careful about not playing with your kitten using your hand or feet.

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While planning your cat activity, it is advisable to opt for a plastic ball having a small jingle bell inside. This is one such toy which can delight your kitten round the clock. Cats are nocturnal animal and that is why they are bound to fall in love with these games provided the sound of jingling bells do not disrupt your good night’s sleep.

Playing With Adult Cats


You can easily keep on rotating toys while planning the cat activity of your adult four-legged friends. Some of the most popular cat toys are catnip mice, wand toys and other crinkly catnip objects. You can also opt for toys which are easily available at your home like plastic rings of juice or milk containers, straws, and wads of paper. The toys of your cat need to be stored away once their playtime gets over as it can get pretty boring with time.

You can boost up your cat’s curiosity by involving a bird or mouse-like toy in your cat activity.  However, you need to be patient while dealing with your cat so that they get to set the pace. You should never force anything upon your cat and try out various games to understand which one generates the maximum amount of interest.

Cats have a natural inclination of hunting when it gets darker. This is why it is advisable to dim the lights so that you can match the action intensity with your cat’s interest levels. You can thus understand the playing style of your feline pretty soon which can help you in planning more cat activity. You should also refrain from making the game extra easy so that your kitty can savor the thrill of victory every time.

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You can end a play session once your cat loses interest, scores a decisive victory or spends about 10 to 15 minutes in the same game. Irrespective of the outcome, you need to shower your cat with some good praise and offer them a tasty treat at the very end.


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