Trends Of Fashion Industry

Taking A Look At The Hottest Trends Of Fashion Industry

2019 is bound to be an exciting year for the fashionistas as the designers around the globe have teamed up to provide us with a delectable platter of eye-catching styles. From patterned suits to biker shorts to neon, the field is all set for new trends to take over the runaway this year. Today we are going to take a look at the hottest fashion trends which can help you in bringing your style game on point.

Color Wheel Tailoring

Suit has served as a wardrobe classic for a long time now. Designers have revamped suit by adding a burst of colors and quirky cuts to the same. While Gucci and Chanel flooded the runaway with bright and bold hues, Victoria Beckham signed off a low-key fashion statement with softer colors which were dressed down with denim. Variations could also be seen with the style in the form of double-breasted, single-breasted, relaxed or fitted lower half and asymmetric-knot-fastened suits.


This 60s trend is back again but in a much more chicer form. We could see the same in the runways of Prabal Gurung, Stella McCartney and even R13. Be it a subtle beach maxi or a bold matching two-piece, tie & dye apparels are once again spreading fire over the fashion sphere.

Square Toes

This famous trend of the 90s has made a comeback in the 2019 style scene as a must have accessory to complete your entire look. Be it in the form of Roberto Cavalli high heeled boots or satin pumps from Erdem, the square toes are here to stay and rock the fashion stage.

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Last autumn was all about setting the runaway on fire with cowboy boots. This has led to the growing demand of fringes in everything starting from handbags to skirts and even jackets. We could see the same in the looks showcased by Tom Ford, Coach, and Cushnie


This is that one trend which is a constant in the field of fashion. Sequins are meant for those occasions when you wish to add a dash of extra to your ordinary look.

Hippy Modernism

Designers have tried to tap in this neo boho trend which is reminiscent of sunset hues and saturated warm sunset. You can complete this look with raffia accessories, amulet jewellery, and subtle crochet pieces.

Leopard Spots

Fashion runaways were filled up in 2019 with graphic leopard prints which took a detour from the same old black and golden combination for a much flirtier shade of red and purple.

Oversized Hats

Jacquemus La Bomba hats have already taken over the Instagram as various ladies around the world adorned these oversized beauties to take their fashion game on point. This is one such trend which is determined to rule the 2019 runaway with its effervescent flair.

Tight Pleats

After completing a successful run in 2018, tight pleats are back once again to light up the stage in 2019. But this time, the whole thing is much more intricate. The micro pleats are tighter than before for generating more movement and a fluctuating silhouette which expands and contracts as you strut across the fashion runway.


If you are bored of you same old dressing style and thinking of creating some drama, then capes might serve as your ultimate nirvana. The off-shoulder capes showcased with panache by our versatile designers in rich hues of emerald green and deep purple can bring you to the limelight in no time.


The fashion Moghuls ended the whole thing on a bright note with neon shades of green, orange and yellow which can help you stand out as a true-blue diva amongst a bunch of commoners.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up your wardrobe with these trendy apparels and be ready to claim the centre stage of fashion.


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