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SEO Trends In 2020 – You Should Know About

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most essential tools for Digital Marketing. It is a tool that enables optimisation of target audience through trending and most commonly searched keywords, thereby influencing the traffic on a particular website. It further helps SEM or Search Engine Marketing through which a website (or a firm) can substantially market their products. It includes ads and the results are organic. It helps in increasing the traffic by the increased visibility of the website or the webpage.

The Digital Marketing landscape has been dynamic over the years, and so have been the needs of the users of the internet; the internet portrays augmented as well as virtual reality. SEO trends of 2020 are the most recent and upgraded because of the new user-centric approach.


The Trends can be Influenced by the Following Factors:

The intent of the Search and Code Optimisation

Optimisation of Video Content

Voice Search Strategy for Business

Presence on Social Media Platforms

CTA Optimisation

Mobile-friendly websites

Format of the Content

The latest SEO trends of 2020 have been instrumental in assessing the degree of preciseness and intensity of marketing it would need in order to push a customer to a certain market. The latest trends are as follows:

1. Boosting Rankings of Mobile-Friendly Websites:

Search Engines especially Google, have been boosting the rankings of websites which were mobile-friendly and penalising some websites which do not have a mobile-friendly, it has now started promoting mobile-friendly indexing for excellent user experience.

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2. Featured Snippets:

Raw traffics have been, noticeably, increased by 20 to 30% due to featured snippets. Featured Snippets are of three kinds- list snippets, paragraph snippets and table snippets. These snippets are featured in SERPs or the Search Engine Result Pages depending upon the relevance of the search keyword.

3. Structured Data:

Structured Data is the future of AI-driven search. It is an integral part of both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as it helps the machine to learn the various relationships and meanings of the data and process the information likewise.

4. Voice Search:

Voice Search optimisation is becoming more and more important as the phase of SEO is changing typed keyword-oriented search to voice or language-based search. They have been more competitive in niches, and are highly targeted; they even improve conversion rates.

5. Content is King:

Content oriented approach has now replaced the user-centric approach. Initially, the content used to be the more modified or improved version of the content that has already been there in the market, and what the user is fond; this posed a very less scope for innovation and creativity. Nowadays, there can be seen more risk-taking in the sense that the content generated is becoming better and newer, the generators of such content have become more innovative with their ways of influencing and reaching the audience.


The SEO trends are the result of the dynamism in the SEO landscape; the trends have been very cyclical. The prediction and favourable modification of such trends can only be understood by understanding the tech behind them- the tech includes a number of developed algorithms and various other user-centric factors. In the present scenario, it is essential to be able to predict and analyse these trends, so as to optimally carry out marketing and other functions associated with it.

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