Custom Security Doors

5 Reasons Why Perth Homeowners Should Invest in Custom Security Doors

When it comes to implementing a high level of home security, custom made solutions are always the best way to go. After all, no two homeowner’s security needs are ever exactly alike. With custom security doors installed in your home, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Custom Security Doors Benefits

Benefits of Custom Security Doors

A Perfect Fit 

When you have custom-made security doors designed to fit with your home, you won’t have to worry about your new doors being the wrong size, or looking out of place when installed to your property.

Proper custom security doors are manufactured to meet the specific sizing requirements of your door’s entryways, so you can always count on receiving a product that guarantees to prove as the perfect match for your home.

Although you may come across some cheap, prefabricated ‘security door’ options either in-store or online, you should always seek out a reputable manufacturer rather than choose to invest in these products. A one-size-fits-all security product is hardly ever the best option for you and your family.

On the other hand, a tailor-made solution will eradicate the chances of you receiving a security door that isn’t even able to be installed.  

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Choice of Material

Choosing Australian-made security doors comes with its perks. For one, you’re always assured of top-quality products, manufactured using premium materials.

Aluminum and stainless steel are two of the most common materials used in the manufacture of custom security doors. Of course, depending on your individual security needs, you may find one type of material more desirable than the other.

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For instance, if you live somewhere by the coast and require something with corrosion resistance, aluminum security doors are an excellent idea.

On the other hand, if you live in a bushfire-prone area, or if your home is situated in an area that experiences high levels of crime, then you may find stainless steel security doors to be of more value. 

Personalised Design

Another great thing about opting for custom-made security doors is the fact that you’ll have a wide range of design options available to you. After all, security doors aren’t only there to provide your home with additional security.

In addition to this, the ideal security door product should also be able to enhance the appearance of your home. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to achieve the perfect look for your security doors, with a wide range of color and design options available to you.

By opting for a custom-made solution, you will be able to relay your specifications to your manufacturer and have them create a high-quality security door that fits with the existing theme of your home perfectly. 

Effective Deterrent

Were you aware that it takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to break into a property? On the other hand, when you ensure to invest in the right security products, you can buy time and make it even more difficult for burglars to get into and out of your home quickly and undetected.

Security doors manufactured to meet the proper Australian Standards are tested against a number of strength tests and forced entry simulations in order to verify their effectiveness.

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As a result, these doors are known to be incredibly difficult to break through using force. When you have these doors installed to your home, it will work to show potential intruders that you care about your home’s security needs.

When passers-by from the street notice that you’ve invested in security products such as these, they may be prompted to seek out an easier target to infiltrate rather than attempting to break into your home. 


Do you plan on putting your property on the market in future? Well, if you want to differentiate your home from others available on the marketplace, then investing in top-quality home security products can definitely help you in doing so.

Security screen doors will save the next owners of your home from having to install these additional barriers themselves. Through having custom-made security doors installed, you can show potential homebuyers that you’ve cared about your home enough to provide it with further protection against intruders. 

CCTV, alarm systems, and motion sensor lighting are all excellent options to add to your home security system. However, when you’re wanting to prevent burglars from being able to physically infiltrate into your property, then strong, sturdy barriers are essential.

By having custom security doors made to suit your home and your security requirements, you will be able to ensure increased peace of mind for you and your family. What’s more, you will be able to guarantee a worthwhile investment for your home.

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If you want to safeguard your property adequately, opting for made-to-measure solutions will guarantee to work best in fulfilling your home’s unique security requirements, as well as your own individual specifications. If you’re just starting out on putting your home security system together, then Aus-Secure custom security doors are a great product to consider investing in.

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