Why Kids Learn To Play Baseball

7 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn To Play Baseball

Baseball was America’s pastime long before football took the spotlight. Organized into professional leagues in the mid-1870s, the sport has withstood politics, racial shifts, and war.

Today, as in the past, thousands of kids join little league teams. Some do it only for the joy of it. For others, it’s a gateway to bigger things. They see baseball as not only a sport. They think of it as a calling.

Your kids might feel the same way yet are reluctant to make the initial steps forward. To help motivate them, here are seven reasons why your kids should learn to play baseball.

1. It’s Easier To Learn

Technology has made it a lot less complicated to learn how to play the sport. Kids can gain initial skills without the need of a trainer or other professional. For example, they can utilize a baseball swing app to understand the proper means to hold the bat and make a proper connection. Companies like V1 Sports and others offer this and other training-type apps.

Kids can also learn from YouTube. Not only are they able to view videos from baseball coaches but also ones made by MLB professionals. Gaining experience from the top players of today helps increase confidence that they’re doing things the right way.

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2. It Encourages Teamwork

As they say, there’s no I in team. It’s certainly the case in baseball. It doesn’t matter how well you hit or field the ball. One person can’t take on the opposition. This is why they continuously encourage teamwork.

In turn, your kids learn this as well. Biologically, their egos increase during their middle and teen years, and this can make them believe they’re the best thing baseball has to offer. A few bad plays and lost opportunities can shatter those egos.

It can be disastrous without a team behind them. If they learn baseball, they’ll also understand that no one wants to see them fail. Their teammates wish them to be successful. So, they’ll help your kids be better players and people.

3. It Helps Them With Schoolwork

Baseball is a sport of science and math. Your kids learn where to hold their bat for a better chance at a home run. They find out how fast they can run if stealing a base. They spend time calculating their earned run or batting averages.

These skills eventually help them in school. They’ll be able to do better in classes like statistics and physics the longer they play baseball. They might be able to take what they learn in school and apply it to the field.

4. It Gives The Confidence

Your kids will be hooked on baseball once they hit their first single, catch their first ball, or make their first strikeout. These actions provide sparks of confidence that they can make things happen. As this confidence on the playing field increases, it should also do the same away from the playing field.

5. It Gifts Them With A “Don’t Quit” Attitude

Gaining confidence in their skills also increases their resilience when things don’t go their way. When this happens, they’re far less likely to quit. Instead, your kids will brush off the bad moments and push through to get back to where they were.

6. It Encourages Them To Improve

On average, people need to work on something for 10,000 hours before becoming an expert on it. Once that happens, they still find ways to hone their talents. This is what your kids will do as they learn to play baseball.

Though they might be happy about what they can do now, they’ll sense a skill can be done better. Therefore, they’ll be encouraged to find new batting stances or increase their training for more powerful pitches.

7. It’s Fun

Yes, football, basketball, and hockey can be fun, but they’re also tiring. Conversely, baseball can be leisurely, which is why many younger kids like it. On top of that, it’s a sport that incorporates other educational elements into it. Combined, the history and science of baseball are what encourages kids to learn how to play.

Now’s the time to talk to your kids about the benefits of baseball.