Reasons To Be Creative

10 Reasons Why I Decided To Be Creative

10 reasons that all the creatives of the world know and we have identified at some time. Small details that make us love our profession, which makes us unique and envied by many professionals who have more common jobs.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, publicist, illustrator, animator or (insert your profession here), you can see how these reasons have become universal truths about the creative industry, making us remember all those things we can do the creatives in our work and finally end up being enough argument to continue in the best job in the world.

Here Are the 10 Reasons Why I Decided to Be a Creative

1. I enjoy my life as if I were a child

Taking fun at work is the most significant thing. And we creatives know what that premise means. See the world around us with the eyes of a child, then throw away the craziest ideas in the world. That luck does not have many in their professions.

2. Because I hate to sleep

One of the most common things when working in an advertising agency was: working late, in some cases until dawn and sometimes until the next day. We all touched at some point in our career and it touched us, so let’s be independent.

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3. I like to work on weekends

As nights become common work hours, weekends are transformed into business days when they are delivered.

4. I cannot live without stress

The lack of sleep and the client pressing for the pieces are the perfect combination for your stress levels to increase constantly in this industry. Especially if your client is one of those who ask for 50 changes at the last minute. But remember that the best ideas usually appear in times of stress.

5. I like to chase the client to get my payment

If you work in the best mobile application development Canada, jump to the next point, otherwise continue. We have all had that customer who does not pay, who does not answer emails or calls, and who takes days or weeks to pay. If it has not happened yet you are a lucky one. Remember to always charge just enough to make it worth the wait.

6. I cannot live without my phone

Receiving emails with changes is the most normal thing in the world in the creative industry regardless of the time. Receiving calls with illogical questions is also. How can I embed the Photoshop file in a power point that I am doing?

7. I do not like to go out with my friends

In this industry, free time is significantly reduced by what I mentioned in points 1 and 2. If it is not constant work in irregular hours, it is fatigue that does not let you see your friends.

8. I like to see commercials

A creative is distinguished since childhood because he likes commercials, posters, comics, animation, etc. Also if you are in the industry, this type of activity is called search for inspiration.

9. I can dress casually to go to work

You can go to the office every day in tennis, jeans and a T-shirt. An opportunity for other professions only occurs on Fridays, if they are lucky.

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10. Having toys in the office is the most normal thing in the world

The creative that does not have an office that overflows creativity is forgetting the reason for their profession. McDonald’s toys, typographic posters or gadgets that are useless but fun, are the most common on a designer’s desk.

Final Thoughts

So, what you think about yourself. Do you want to be creative? If you have doubts just check out the reasons which I shared with you that will help you to think in that direction.