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5 Convincing Reasons To Choose Cloud-based Mobile Applications

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are the present and also the future of any enterprise when consider scaling up the business. Mobile apps are customized to reach the mass and improve the overall experience of utilizing a service or a product. There are more than 5 million apps are available for Android and iOS platforms, state the gap and point out the wide scope of cloud-based mobile apps in the near future.

So, how does a cloud-based mobile application work, after all? And why is it beneficial for your business mobile application?

We’ll try to cover all the basics you need to know here.

Following the latest development in the mobile app development company, you can only stay ahead if your app is cost-effective and gets an extensive customer reach.

And the secret to building such an app is to opt for the latest advancement – to go for the cloud-based platform rather than a native mobile app development platform.

As we can see, the leading companies are quickly adopting cloud computing for app development, and 60 to 70 percent of them are making significant investments in this area.

Even after that, still, a significant number of businesses are yet to experience the potential of cloud computing. If your business is one of those, go through these 5 Convincing Reasons To Choose Cloud-based Mobile Applications. Get ready to revolutionize your mobile app outcomes.


Work Simultaneously on Android & iOS

Developing mobile apps on native platforms causes double the work, once for the Android and once for iOS.

Besides, you can’t develop both apps at the same time, and both need a large amount of dedicated involvement. For the same, we often see businesses launching mobile apps for Android and iOS one after another.

In case, the biggest problem is when you launch the 1st app and promote it across the website, social platforms, create a hype, a group of people feels deprived as they can’t access the app. And, when you launch your second app, the target audience might have moved, the hype has reduced.

On the other hand, the cloud-based apps remain on the web and are accessible through cross-platform. Hence, you can launch your business app on both platforms at a time and can target your entire audience altogether. And, there is no need for double work, no need for higher investment on both employee and finance.

Reduce Time and Expenses

Now comes another leading feature of the cloud-based app.

Moreover, these cloud-based apps are faster to build, and as you develop for Android and iOS platforms together, you can reduce the developmental cost. And this feature not only helps the startups in saving time and money, but it also allows you to work on tight deadlines.

If you are looking for a solution that reduces developmental expenses and time, cloud-based apps are the exact solution. Though, a lot of enterprises think of the initial investment for executing a cloud platform.

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In case, the up-front cost might be higher, but the cloud-based mobile apps always give you a higher return on your expense.

Better User Experience & Lower Complications

As we can access the cloud-based apps directly from the web, we don’t need to install it on to the phone. This is the biggest plus point of cloud apps as it saves a lot of time and patience required for browsing the app store, finding the app, considering the app size, and then deciding either to install and then wait for the app to get downloaded, installed and onboard. 

Not only that, but the cloud-based apps also take up zero to the least space on the smartphone. Also, these apps are almost effortless to use without any wait time. Hence, users also feel the least doubtful before giving it a try.

This feature further helps businesses showcase their services or products quicker and smoother to the audience.

Furthermore, the cloud-based mobile apps respond faster when you start using them, give a better user experience, and exceedingly promote client engagement.

Heightened Security

On the contrary to the common misinterpretation, cloud-based apps are much safer and protected. Though a lot of people think that the cloud stores their confidential data, and anyone from anywhere can access the same, they feel unsafe to use cloud-based apps. But the reality is that cloud storage is protected with the highest business protocols.

Moreover, unlike your in-house IT team that has multiple jobs to take care of,  cloud host individually controls the security of the cloud.

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Also, the internal security breach is impossible to eliminate, but keeping data off-site limits the risk of internal data theft and makes your app more protected. Hence, switching to the cloud platform also makes significant advances in data security, and helps businesses to adhere to the government policies.

Mobility, Scalability and Flexibility

Mobility: The most apparent advantage of cloud-based apps is their mobility. We can access it through any device anywhere, which allows the concerned business to improve their mobility and productivity.

Further, it helps the administrative body to offer a flexible work culture to its employees by allowing them to work from home and work while you travel using cloud computing. Hence, it enables businesses to become more productive.

Scalability & Flexibility: When it comes to business growth and revenue earning, you need to focus dedicatedly.  But, being a business owner, you need to concentrate on different engagements. Hence,  hosting, storing data, managing bandwidth, and other distractions may hamper your core duties.

So, let the cloud apps take care of your hosting service and all the previously mentioned tasks, and you concentrate on your business goals.

As per several survey reports, the flexibility to meet different business requirements is the most significant reason why every business should utilize cloud computing.

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Well, we hope you are finally convinced about why you should choose the cloud-based mobile application for your business. Though these 5 reasons are not all, but the most significant examples.

Cloud-based mobile apps also offer a clean, stable, and engaging user experience. So, if you are thinking of giving your business a new touch, invest in cloud-based mobile app development, and get your business future-ready.