Protocol For Online Classes

Protocol For Online Classes: How To Act Correctly

The world has suddenly changed and now we are stuck in our homes and, instead of going to college, we receive classes online, but just like when we go to a face-to-face class, online classes also have a protocol that we must follow. In addition, communication with teachers, both in chats and in emails, must be correct and appropriate.

Quarantine Is Not Personal Abandonment

You have class. Even from home, you must keep the forms; So take a shower, dress and act with the same seriousness that you maintain in face-to-face classes.

It seems incredible to have to say this, but one of the most recurrent complaints among teachers since the quarantine began is that their students connect to classes in pajamas, smoking, looking like they just got up … And yes, this quarantine It is hard and boring and, as the days go by, the energy seems to wane, but that is no excuse for not complying with basic standards of education.

The minimum is that you dress and prepare as if you were going to give a normal class, that you do not smoke or get up to make coffee and that you leave your mobile for a little while. Maintaining a certain seriousness is a sign of respect for the work of our teachers,

Choose a suitable space to receive the classes

We must also take care of the appearance of our environment. If your brother is shouting behind you or there is a mountain of dirty clothes, you will look bad to the teacher and the rest of the class. Choose a neutral background (any clear wall will do) sit correctly and hide what can be seen from the camera that is not appropriate.

In this era of Instagram, taking sexy photos in front of the bathroom mirror with dirty clothes and all kinds of intimate things around has become normal, but, although it has been normalized, that is not normal or appropriate and less for a class. Hide your dirty clothes and things that are lying around. Nobody says you have to be super-ordered; you are at home and you can have it however you want, but not to be seen.

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How to Participate in Class Chats

While the teacher explains, we can write our questions in the chat or communicate by voice (depending on the platform). Both one option and the other require a certain protocol that we must follow.

On the one hand, we should not interrupt the teacher all the time unless we have not understood something or we need him to repeat some concept that we have not had time to write down. Telling things or giving our personal impression of something should be left for when the teacher asks it to be done. Teaching an online class is more complicated and the times are different, so we must interrupt as little as possible.

When the class is established through a chat and we must write, we must take care of the spelling. It is not correct to write as we do in WhatsApp, or to use abbreviations. The form of written expression is also a part that counts for continuous evaluation and must be done well.

How to Send an Email Correctly?

To send any questions to our teachers, email is the most appropriate tool and also requires following a series of rules so that communication is respectful and appropriate. We already tell you in detail how to write an email to a teacher in another post, but the summary is as follows:

  • Formal greeting: Dear professor or professor:
  • Identify yourself: My name is (name, surname and ID) and I attend your class of (whatever subject).
  • Reason for the message: I am writing to you by … (remember to keep the treatment of you if the teacher has not expressly asked to be addressed).
  • Closing: Something formal like thank you for your time, your help, your attention …
  • Farewell and signature: A cordial greeting, an affectionate greeting or simply a greeting and your signature.

There Will Be No More Face-To-Face Classes

This course has finished going to class in Spain (we will see what happens in Latin America, because each country is following its own protocols against COVID-19), so you have to get used to the idea that this of the classes online is not a kind of temporary arrangement of a few days, but the way in which they are going to evaluate us this last semester.

Therefore, you have to make the same or more effort than when we went to class in college and you have to take it seriously. Our online image must be adequate and we have to convey the same interest and respect as in face-to-face classes. In the midst of our goal of graduating and earning our ghostwriting to find a good job, we have had to deal with this unpleasant situation, but time has not stopped and we must continue working to meet our goals.