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07 Perfect Honeymoon Places for 2022 couples

Weddings are the most intimate and memorable events of an individual’s life. From preparing way ahead and sorting the decorations to walking down the aisle and saying “I do”, every bit is fanciful. Choosing the perfect honeymoon destination is another crucial detail that needs to be sorted ahead of time. Regardless of how grand the wedding was, it all comes down to where you go for a honeymoon. This romantic getaway serves as a great bonding period for the newlyweds. Preparing for a trip this important does not need to break your bank account! Some intelligent planning and availing of great discounts from DealMeCoupon can save you tons of money, so you can save up for the perfect destination. Apart from the usual dream spots, we have compiled the 7 best places that are great for your honeymoon.

7 Honeymoon Places for 2022

1. Northern Lights- Yukon River Valley

While stargazing and cozy winter nights sound oddly romantic, nothing prepares you for the ethereal beauty of the shimmering light cutting through the night. The Yukon River Valley is nothing short of a fairy wonderland. With tall fir trees and log cabins set in the white snow, it is a sight to behold. 

The glass-fronted chalets give you a view that is mesmerizing and enchanting. The main city of Yukon, the Whitehorse, is merely 20 mins away, making it easy to travel. The valley has great resorts and outdoor activities that keep you busy for hours in the end.

If you are one for fairytales, then this is where you might want to be with your better half. There is a fair chance that you would be lucky to see the beautiful lights show, which can be enjoyed from a large deck. You can even enjoy it from the comfort of your chalet. The best time to visit would be from December to March.

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2. The Seychelles

Probably the most quintessential among all honeymoon places, the Seychelles archipelago is the place to be if you and your partner share a love for marine life. The hundreds of islands boast a huge variety of rare birds, making them ideal for bird watching.

Depending on what interests you the most, you can choose to visit any island. From reefs that are home to turtles to amazing sites for snorkeling and diving, the opportunities are endless. The great Indian ocean with its sandy beaches and beautiful waters makes for the most romantic place on earth. 

The exotic beauty of the islands coupled with luxurious resorts makes for a surreal tropical experience. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the great ocean, the reefs, and the endless crystalline water. The best time to visit would be between March to May or September to November. 

3. Greece

A city, so beautiful and pristine that it makes you never want to come back! Greece is a wonderful city with white sandy beaches and black cliffs that stand tall against the clear blue skies. Perfect for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Greece serves as an escapade into myth and fantasy.

Even though the history of this enchanting city is steeped in Greek mythology, there are a lot of other tourist attractions, guided tours, and scenic views that make your holiday unforgettable. Known for its extravagant and rich food, you will be left wanting more!

Among other European countries, Greece is pretty affording of the whole lot. Island hopping is a popular and fairly common activity owing to the congenial climate. The best time to visit though would be between June and September with light rain and warm waters. 

4. Tahiti

The tranquil blue lagoons, sugar-sand beaches, and extremely welcoming people make Tahiti a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds. Owing to the huge numbers of people that come in throughout the year, the islands are home to the most luxurious and romantic resorts in the world.

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Adding to the charm and allure of this dreamlike getaway is the remoteness of this island. The island offers a huge variety of indoor and outdoor activities that can keep you occupied for days. It is ideal for getting some quality time with your better half and indulging in luxury together.

The idyllic island is a paradise that sweeps you off to a fantasyland. This French Island presents fantastic opportunities for snorkeling, surfing, diving, and lots more. Remember to brush up on your French language skills for convenience. 

5. St. Barts 

No list is complete without mentioning the iconic Caribbean Island of St. Barts. It comes as no surprise that celebrities keep flocking to these white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The place is home to luxury lovers who soak up the morning sun to get ready for swanky parties at night.

High-end designer shops, a yacht-filled harbor, fine dining restaurants, and historical tourist attractions are just to name a few amenities on the island. St. Barts presents a lifestyle beyond compare, the ultra-luxe vibe and exotic location alone are enough to get you high on adrenaline.

The turquoise waters and far-reaching landscapes are a delightful sight for the sore eyes. Checking into a resort is a privilege in itself. The best time to visit both financially and considering the weather is between April to June where it becomes a bit more affordable.

6. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is just the place for you. Being more than an ideal romantic spot, it is an internationally acclaimed honeymoon places for newlywed couples to enjoy their marital bliss. Often called the jewel of the South Seas in French Polynesia, it is located just northwest of Tahiti.

Your first impression of the island will be its bright blue and turquoise waters, dazzling white beaches, fragrant flowers, and lush lagoons. Let’s not forget the famous overwater bungalows. The glass floors offer a breathtaking view of crystal-clear waters and marine life. 

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Whether you want to relax on the beaches or like to be adventurous, Bora Bora offers a wide range of activities for a couple to enjoy their special moments together. It is bound to be an experience of a lifetime that neither one of you will ever forget.

7. Bali

Being a constant favorite for decades, Bali is a fantastic international tourist spot that is open to visitors year-round. As a multi-cultural destination, Bali boasts beautiful Hindu and Buddhist temples and shrines that exude a spiritual vibe. The amazing beaches and picturesque landscape make it an attractive honeymoon spot.

The lush greenery and entrancing waterfalls cut you off from the rest of the world, connecting you to nature and your spouse for the entire trip. The exotic and sensuous fruits are a fresh awakening for your taste palette, while the amazing food is nothing short of extravagance. 

The island of Bali features an artistic and wholesome vibe that revitalizes you to your core. The many yoga studios add to the calm and tranquility of the majestic island. What makes Bali exceedingly popular is the budget-friendly honeymoon packages that are full of deluxe features. 

A Last Thought

The pandemic has left us appreciative and grateful for our relationships and loved ones. As travel bans are lifting globally, people are trying to schedule flights to meet their distant family members. Weddings are being planned, and things are gradually starting to look better for all of us.

Maintaining a safe distance and taking safety precautions are still going to be a major part of our lives. We hope that you can visit one of our top-rated honeymoon places or destinations for an exhilarating experience. With travel taking a turn for the better, there are bound to be new tourist offerings worldwide.