Office Renovation And Inside Plan Patterns

Office Renovation And Inside Plan Patterns For 2021

It’s that time of the financial year where we start to look for how we can renovate our offices. Renovation of offices adds fresh air to employees as they take a deep breath due to the end of a financial year. Therefore, businesses look for new trends and movements around the industry and experiment. From focusing on textures and colors to space configuration, getting modern office furniture, we make sure we stay ahead with the latest interior designing trends. 

With the outbreak of COVID-19, every business now has been forced to modify their office designs. After all, now the design not only focuses on style but adheres to safety measurements. However, it is not sure till now what the offices will look like in the near future as the pandemic situation hovers over our head. But every company has adopted the “new normal” despite facing difficulties at first. It also accelerated the change in office designs related to working practices. New trends have emerged due to the pandemic, including the inspiring color combinations to keep the spirits high. 

Just as offices are missing their employees, the employees are also missing their office space. After all, it’s the space where they can collaborate with much ease instead of via computer screens. Whether some employees prefer to work remotely or join the office, your office can do some renovations. Every business thrives with healthy and productive employees. Last year, everyone went through a traumatic state of mind due to the pandemic; it’s time to embrace wellbeing. Why not contact an Office Interior Design Service provider to give your office a spacious makeover?

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When people spend more time in a green space, it reflects on their health and rejuvenates their minds. So, the mood uplifts, reducing the stress levels to a great extent. As you bring in the green charm outside into your office, it directly affects your employees’ moods. But, how can you do it aesthetically? You can introduce living walls, small plants, and moss features in a strategic way, bringing tranquility to the workplace. Due to Biophilia, humans feel at ease when they stay around nature. To know more about Biophilia, read this post here

How nature benefits your mental health? When a person spends some time around greenery or nature, it benefits both his/her mental and physical wellbeing. So, when offices are focusing on employee wellness as their motto for the years to come, it’s time to renovate the office with indoor plants. A green environment helps us to be more active, improve the confidence level while we feel more relaxed. 

Video Conference Provision

More office staffs are working from remote places making flexible working system is coming forward. As the ongoing restrictions are still in place, video conferences are the only option to connect and communicate with employees. Therefore, offices are taking huge steps to invest in video conferencing provision. For creating a well-established video conference setup, screens, cameras, and good space are crucial. Also, the video conference space should have an open layout with good ventilation. To give a spin to your video conferencing setup, hire an office interior design service provider. 

Proper Space Division

When the pandemic hit the ground, governments initially advised using glass screen dividers to maintain social distancing. But later, they prompted for work-from-home to keep everyone safe. But sooner or later, they are going to open the office with full capacity. In such time, space division will be the crucial stand that every company has to adhere to. So, why not you take care of the space allocation maintaining the social distance norm? You can opt for multi-purpose solutions that serve for a long-time. As social distancing has become a “new normal”, we can expect it to reflect on most offices’ interior design. It will be a holistic workspace solution as it works as infection control. Your employees should feel safe, happy, and sure to enjoy working in the space as they did before the pandemic.

Shared Workspaces Are In

It’s time we embrace the shared workplaces instead of dedicated workstations. However, you have to be conscious of how you are going to implement the space division into shared workplaces. After the pandemic, we predict that the shared workspaces and collaborative zones with a more friendly setting will be new. A soft seating area, idea-sharing infrastructures, and the more modular configuration of the office space will inspire the staff. It will definitely make teamwork more fluid. For a perfect shared workspace design, why not contact an office interior design service provider.

Introducing Natural Light

From childhood, we have heard that Vitamin D is beneficial for our bone density. But due to the closed office environment, we are getting lesser and lesser Vitamin D from our Sun. It’s affecting the health of the employees on deeper levels than we can witness. However, when offices light up with natural light, it improves sleep while warding off any depression. Therefore, employees are able to work well after having complete rest. So, how to introduce natural light into the office space? Windows can light up certain areas of the office. But it can’t light up the entire office if the space is big. Why not use glass partitions and install a skylight for more natural light? These are the better ways to swap the sun-blocking walls and let the energy of Sun rejuvenate our health. 

Ergonomic Furniture

When you are on a mission to boost the well-being of your employees, why not introduce ergonomic furniture into the office? It will benefit the physical health of the employees. Nowadays, many companies are ordering height-adjustable desks for improving posture and staying in good health. The task chairs are in high demand as it gives back support.

Research shows without the right furniture that benefits physical health; employees are bound to have a hunched back, sore eyes, and an extended stomach. However, with height-adjustable desks, employees can sometimes work while standing giving their back, and stomach good support. It lowers the obesity risk in most people and reduces back pain. 

An office buzzes with success when the employees are happy and healthy. Therefore, you would want to take the time to bring in some change to the office space. It will not only bring success to your business but also impact the well-being of all employees.


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