Network Monitoring Tools and Softwares

7 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Softwares

In the present era of technology, we can get solutions to everything no matter what it is, and in the same context, we have Network Monitoring Tools and Softwares. Many of the readers will now be having various questions in their mind like:

What is Network Monitoring? What are these tools and software? Use of network monitoring tools and software? What is the benefit of having these tools? Why should one look for these tools and software? And many more.

About Network Monitoring?

So, before going forward, we must understand what Network Monitoring is. Network Monitoring refers to monitoring various networks connected to your device and identifying that everything is working correctly or not. For example, X is a person who is in regular touch of computers and internet connections and various things related to computers, and he is familiar with the terms related to networks and computers like routers, firewalls, servers, networks, etc. 

So, here X can efficiently perform their computer tasks because they have a network monitor that continually checks on his computer systems and devices connected to their network. If there is any issue in the same or if anything is making it slow, then the network monitor notifies their administrator on its own. And with this, we can see what the network monitors do and why it is essential to have them. 

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Now, after knowing what network monitoring is, we can talk about the best tools and software that a person can have for network monitoring in this year.

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Network Monitoring Tools and Softwares

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

This is one of the best network monitoring tools that keeps checking the status of all your devices with SNMP’s help. One of the main features of it that makes it one of the best is that you can quickly move from SNMP monitoring to packet analysis, and with this, you can have control over the segments of your network you monitor. The cost of this network monitoring tool starts at $2,995. 

Datadog Network Performance Monitoring

With this monitoring tool, you do not have to think about having or maintaining a server to make your system work. This network monitoring tool is based on the cloud. Not only this, but the Datadog Network Performance Monitoring also comes with the storage that is used for storing the statistical data that will come up when it will be analyzing and supervising the performance of your network. One of the main advantages is that it is charged based on subscriptions due to which it is beneficial for small start-ups.

Manage Engine Op Manager

This network monitoring tool is one of the straightforward tools that give access to the user to monitor the performance of various things at one place only like network devices, routers, switches, etc. 

The dashboard in this network monitoring tool can be customized, too, that gives the users a unique experience, and also it provides over 200 widgets. If we talk about the same price, then it ranges between $245 for up to 1,000 devices, and it goes as high as $11,545 for up to more than 10,000 devices.

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Paessler PRTG Monitoring Network 

One thing that makes this one unique is that it is very cost-effective, but at the same time, it gives almost the same services as other network monitoring tools offer. This tool uses SNMP, WMI, and also packet sniffing to monitor your network continually. If we talk about the same prices, then it is free for up to 100 sensors, and after that, it costs $1,600 for up to 500 sensors and1 server.


If we talk about one place for every solution related to network monitoring, this is the best network monitoring tool, and also it comes with automatic network discovery. This, along with continually monitoring the networks, makes powerful reporting and analytics and alerts too. This network monitoring tool comes in three packages – pro, growth, and power, and for each, the price is different and is charged based on subscription.

Site 24×7 Cloud Network Monitoring System

This network monitoring tool specializes in discovering SNMP devices automatically with the IP range’s help. This monitoring tool provides more than 4000 device monitoring templates. And also, it helps in monitoring servers as well as websites. If we talk about this network monitoring tool’s price, it ranges between $35 per month to $449 per month. 

Nagios Core

This monitoring system comes with a performance dashboard and alert systems. Along with these, it also focuses on capacity planning and availability reports. This network monitoring tool is free of cost.


To find more information, refer to network monitoring related guide. If a person is looking for working smoothly, and without any issues, he must have a network monitor with him.

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