How to Clean Your Dirty Mouse

A clean mouse is very important, especially if you have a mouse that has a special function. For example, you can touch the mouse and scroll pages on the screen of your computer or laptop. Most people use mice every day so it is impossible to say when the mouse becomes dirty.

There are many different ways how to clean your dirty mouse in an easy way.

Best Cleaning Mouse Tips

1. Use alcohol and cotton

Put some drops of alcohol on a piece of clean cotton pad and wipe the mouse with it. Alcohol will help to remove dirt from all parts of your mouse without any problems.

2. Use cooking oil for cleaning

Heat a little bit of cooking oil in a pan and wait until it completely cools down (you can put the bottle in the fridge). Using tissue or cotton pad, a clean mouse with cooking oil. This is a good way how to remove all dirt on mouse buttons.

3. Use toothbrush

If the mouse has some dust that can’t be removed by alcohol or cooking oil, you should use a toothbrush – a soft bristle will help you to get rid of this kind of dirt easily.

Just put a little bit of water on the mouse and after that clean it with a toothbrush. You can also dip the mouse in glass with water and wait until the dirt disappears.

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4. Clean mouse when computer is off

Clean mouse when computer is off

Sometimes it is hard to clean your mouse because there are many parts that are very difficult to reach with tissue or cotton pad or toothbrush.

It’s a better idea to turn off your computer and clean the mouse when it has no electric power. It will reduce the risk to break something in a mouse.

5. Clean mouse after each game

Mouse accumulates dirt very easy especially if you play games often. The most popular game, Counter-Strike, leaves the mouse dirty after just 20 minutes of playing so cleaning the mouse after every game is recommended.

To do that simply take a cotton pad or tissue with a little bit of alcohol or cooking oil and clean all mouse buttons very carefully.

6. Pay attention to mouse cable

If you want your mouse to last long it’s a better idea not to put any pressure on the cable inside because inside there are small parts which can be broken easily by too much tension or pressing mouse cable against table tightly.

Your mouse cable should be free from any tension.

7. Don’t have mouse for a very long time

Mouse accumulates dirt and it is a better idea to clean mouse after few, maximum of five months. If the mouse is too dirty you can’t clean it properly and it will end up in buying a new mouse.

8. Use compressed air for cleaning mouse buttons

A toothbrush or cotton pad with alcohol won’t help if the mouse has some yellow stains on buttons (for example mouse which was used by a smoker).

To remove such kind of dirt you need compressed air (can be bought in many different stores where computers are sold).

If none of those three ways works for you maybe you should use this one. Put a little bit of the compressed air on mouse buttons and wait for the mouse to dry.

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9. Clean mouse in the dishwasher

If the mouse has yellow stains and other kinds of dirt (especially if the mouse is used by a smoker), it will help you clean the mouse very fast if you put it inside the dishwasher.

This method also helps to remove all dirt from the mouse wheel. It’s recommended to use this way only for wired mice because wireless won’t work properly after such kind of cleaning.

10. Use baby wipes

This is one of the easiest ways how to clean your dirty mouse in an easy way: just take baby wipes and clean all parts carefully with them, especially the mouse wheel because there are often hidden pieces of the food or dirt that can be difficult to remove.

11. Clean mouse speakers

When mouse buttons are very dirty it may happen so that the mouse wheel is difficult to rotate and buttons don’t work properly. You can fix them in a second if you clean the mouse speaker with compressed air or a toothbrush, depending on the type of your mouse speaker.

12. Clean mouse when mouse software isn’t running

Most modern mice have special mouse software which works in the background and helps you to customize their behavior (but this also means that mice will accumulate more dirt).

If you want your mouse to be clean for a longer time without problems remove the battery from the mouse when the computer is turned off because when the mouse does not have electric power dirt accumulates very easily on it.

After cleaning the mouse with compressed air or toothbrush put the mouse battery back and the mouse is ready to use.

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13. Clean mouse buttons on the mouse

You can clean the mouse wheel with compressed air very efficiently but if you want also mouse buttons to work properly it’s better to clean them too.

Every mouse button has a little switch that should be pushed inside when the mouse button is pressed so dirt can’t accumulate under it. Cleaning this part of a mouse with compressed air helps restore mouse function completely.

14. Turn off the computer before cleaning

It is always a better idea to turn off your computer before cleaning your dirty mouse because many hardware components are in danger while you are cleaning the mouse. At last, if nothing helped for you may be buying a new one will give you the best results so the mouse will be clean.

14 best cleaning mouse tips are here. Using these mouse care tips your dirty mouse can work properly for years.

Wrapping Up

The mouse is a very important computer component which you have to clean every now and then, especially if somebody uses it who smokes or likes greasy food.

Even if the mouse seems to be clean there are often dirt particles that accumulate on it over time which decrease mouse lifespan dramatically because they can block mouse buttons or mouse wheel.

Making sure that you know how to clean your dirty mouse properly will help to ensure that your mouse works as it should for as long as possible and that its working condition doesn’t decrease drastically over time.

It’s recommended not to use the same mouse for a longer period of time (more than 10 years) because the mouse gets worn out with time. Every mouse cleaning method is slightly different so it’s better to learn them before you have a problem.

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