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How The Modern Kitchen Cabinet Evolved? A Timeline from 1920 To 2020 [Infographic]

Remodeling kitchens have always been one of the largest markets in the architectural industry, and most designers’ favorite. Glass cabinets too are a part of the journey. In this infographic, let’s trace the journey of a modern kitchen and how it derived the modern look.

Let’s find out how the simple cupboards to store utensils in the early 20th century got its 21st-century look from the modern glass display cabinets.

The Evolution Through the Ages, in Style and Color

In the 1920s, a freestanding, metal kitchen cabinet, in white color, was used. In the next decade, the kitchen cabinets were made from wood and metal, with smooth-finished continuous countertops. These remained popular even 20 years later.

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The modern kitchen started taking its shape in the 1940s with unit cabinets, coordinated finishes, textures and continuous countertops. In the post-war decade of the 1950s, however, the U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens were decorated in bright colours and checkered floors, with rounded corners.

More dramatic colours made their entries in the 1960s, along with detailed wallpapers, gold accents and countertops in bright tiles. Earthy tones became the most popular, with dark wood cabinets, brass, vinyl and other mixed materials in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, modern kitchens took their first baby steps with curved edged cabinets and geometric patterns. The next decade saw simple colours, oat cabinetry, and maple-glazed cabinets.

The woody kitchens were the new found love among the busy families of the 2000s, where it became the central design point.

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In the next two decades (2010-2020), white color was prevalent in the kitchen. But there were differences in the styles of kitchen cabinets.

A group of kitchen cabinet specialists analyzed the color preference changes that the cabinets have been through in these two decades. While white regained the top position in both decades, black was nowhere to be seen in the 2020s. While cabinet colors vary slightly, what remains intact is the love and fondness towards glass display cases that make the kitchen space look classy. To have a look at the retail display cases, browse through Glass Cabinets Direct.

Kitchen Cabinet Infographic