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Mistakes to Avoid While Creating a Mobile App for Your Store

Over the years, there has been a lot of increase in the number of mobile apps. Every day there are thousands of mobile applications uploaded on Google Play Store or App Store.

The mobile app market is booming every quarter with over millions of downloads.

In this competitive market, the important thing is how to stand out from the crowd, have a strong user base, and serve them with the best user experience.

According to research done by Statista, we have more than three million apps on both Google Play Store and App Store. That’s an ocean of mobile apps, don’t you think?

So, how to actually make your app stand out? Simply by avoiding some of the general mistakes developers or app companies make.

Below, we have listed down the major mistakes you should avoid while developing your mobile app and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Lack of Research

Doing core research before starting anything new is the basic thing. Similarly, in the field of a mobile app, you need to do thorough research. There are some phases of research which you must follow:

  • Define the purpose of your application
  • List down the problem you are trying to solve
  • Study the existing mobile app or website if any solving the problem you want to solve
  • Define your customer base
  • Define your budget

Include the above mentioned five things in your research as it will give you more clarity on your project; guide you in defining your applications.

We all know there are thousands of applications being uploaded every day. Out of which some work while some fail miserably. Hence, the lack of research is one of the major issues.

Make sure either to have a strong research team or you doing deep, detailed research on your idea.

No Clarity on the Budget

The next step is setting up a budget. Do you remember every time you go to purchase something and you are always asked to define the budget?


Because it gives us some insights into what things we need to buy, find the alternatives if a certain option is expensive, and at last save some money while getting the result you wanted.

Setting a budget in mobile app development is the same. You need to consider all the factors it will take to develop an application and its cost.


So, you can have clarity about where you are spending your money, finding alternatives to particular things so you can decrease cost and, in the end, build a cost-effective mobile app. Understanding your finance is crucial.

And if you fail to set your budget it becomes difficult to handle all the expenses coming your way and will leave you confused about how and where you should spend. Essentially not able to understand what is a necessity and what’s a luxury to have while developing your app.

Following are some of the things that can help you calculate costs:

  • Hiring freelance developers or any mobile app development company
  • This will cost you the most and if you are bootstrapping you can always opt for a native app builder specific to your already existing e-store like Magento 2 Mobile App Builder.
  • Cost of uploading mobile apps on Play Store, App Store, or any other platform.
  • Investment in the marketing plan

These are some of the basic things you need to consider when planning and setting up a budget.

Less Importance to UI/UX

Shabby and hard to navigate applications will cost you customers. There are thousands of companies which, every year, introduce new designs.


Because along with features, it is important to have visually appealing designs and easy navigation. You can also research how good design impacts users and more importantly, the usage of your application.

Do you remember the old Gmail UI/UX? Now check out the older and the current one here:

Gmail UI-UX

Which one do we like? The recent one, right? Because it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, visually appealing, color combination stresses where the action needs to be taken, and most importantly, it is pixel perfect.

Now, you understand why UI/UX plays an important role in growing your application. Keep designs as simple as possible and easy to navigate. This will help you provide good customer experience and can become a habit for your customers.

It is good to study recent design and UI/UX trends to keep your application design and user flow up to the market trends.

Does not Support Cross-Platform

Cross-platform support nowadays is one of the common things but people still forget. Any app you see today supports iOS, Android, and Websites. Because it is possible that your user base might be using any or all of the operating systems.

If you don’t create a mobile app that supports cross-platform then there are chances of losing the user base of either of the platforms.

If you are thinking that you might need to code the whole application again for different websites then that won’t happen. There are platforms that will help you reuse code and develop applications for different operating systems. Do your research thoroughly.

Irregular Updates

We all have mobile applications in our phones which never get updates or hardly get some in years or months. This is not the correct way to maintain mobile applications. Every time with updates it’s not necessary to release new features.

Timely updates include bug fixes, security updates, and other such minor updates. It’s important to have timely updates so your users’ data is secured.

Missing on timely updates can pile up into a huge loss. You can lose users as well as become vulnerable to cyber-attacks which in turn means your application will never be trusted again.

The second phase of update is working on features. To keep your customers engaged, understanding their pain points, and solving them is important. Adding features based on your users’ behavior or needs is important to stay in the market because you definitely don’t want to be obsolete.

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Lack of Multi-Language Support

While doing all your research you must have planned your long time goals as well. Let’s say your long term goal is to globalize your mobile application and business. Then it’s important to have multi-language support from the beginning.

If you don’t support multi-language then it might be difficult to capture the oversea market. We all know that not every country has English as their first language. Hence, to expand the customer base and serve them better it is important to have multiple store views in their own language.

For example, you can see any global business like Amazon, Google, Facebook, all support multi-language. Additionally, by translating the contents in their local language, they will be able to connect better with your brand.

Wrapping Up

We all know about zillions of mobile apps on the App Store and Play Store. In the end, it’s your service, features, and consistency to serve better which helps you stay ahead in the competition. 

By avoiding these 6 mistakes, you can easily create an app that will stand out.

Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah is the founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast-growing app and extension store for various technologies. He writes about multiple aspects of eCommerce technology like Magento 2 Mobile App and is enthusiastic about making online business management easy.