Mens Diamond Earrings

Top Men’s Diamond Earrings

Men’s diamond earrings add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Whether you opt for diamond aids, richly colored diamonds, white-colored diamonds, or a pair of studs, you will add an unmistakable style of distinction to your upscale or casual look.

When looking for men diamond earrings, you have many options to choose from depending on your preferred color, metal, and setting style. This article will enlighten you on the best men diamond earrings you should go for hanging on the color, metal, and setting type. You will also know the less common options for men’s diamond earrings to help you attain a classic and more unique look.

Most Popular Things For Men’s Diamond Earrings

Color of Earrings

In addition to white and black men’s diamond earrings, yellow, blue, and brown are also excellent options that will add a complete look to diamond stud earrings. People like brown diamond earrings because they have a natural look, making them attractive, while yellow and blue are preferred because they have a vibrant and more exotic look for anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd.

The most popular color for men’s diamond earrings in white and black follows closely. Besides having a high brilliance, white diamonds have a classic look. Black diamonds, on the other hand, have a bold and mysterious look. White and black are the most common colors for single stud earrings and stud earrings. However, white diamonds are preferred for paired men’s earrings, while black diamonds are selected for available diamond earrings.

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Shape of Earrings

Round and square diamonds are the most popular shapes for men’s diamond earrings. Round diamonds have a sophisticated and classic look. Square diamonds, also known as princess cut diamonds, have a contemporary and a more edgy look. Both square and round diamonds are brilliant diamond shapes because they have fantastic light refraction and reflection. However, if you are looking for the most brilliant body for men’s diamond earrings, you should go for round earrings.  

Square and diamond are the most popular shapes for men’s diamond earrings, but they are not the only ones. If you want to be outstanding, you can go for other ‘fancy diamond shapes.’ ‘Fancy diamond shapes’ is used to mean different diamond shapes that are not round, including square shape.

Other shapes in the category are pear-shaped diamonds, oval cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, asher cut diamonds, and cushion-cut diamonds. If you go for any of these shapes for your diamond earrings, you will have an eye-catching and more unique look.

Setting for Diamond Earrings

Choosing a setting style for your men diamond earrings is essential because it impacts your diamond earrings’ overall tone. The most common setting for men diamond earrings is the bezel Solitaire setting and the classic four-prong Solitaire setting. The four-prong location allows light to enter through the diamond’s sides, making them look brilliant.

This is why four-prong settings are most famous for hoop earrings and stud earrings. Bezel settings are standard for black and white diamond earrings because they have a bezel that consists of a single metal ring to hold the gemstone or diamond firmly in place. Even if this setting allows only a small portion of the light to pass through, it offers a streamlined look and is more secure.

Besides bezel settings and four-prong settings, three-prong settings are also an ideal setting for men diamond earrings. Otherwise known as martini settings, three-prong settings allow light to pass through the sides of the diamond, allowing you to have a unique and more distinctive look.

Precious Metals for Men’s Earrings

Men diamond earrings are mainly available in four precious metals- rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. On some occasions, diamond stud settings are also available in stainless steel and sterling silver. However, stainless steel and sterling silver are not commonly used for gemstone or diamond jewelry.

Besides being used for diamond jewelry, sterling silver and stainless steel are most common for diamond simulant jewelry like cubic zirconia jewelry.

Among the most common precious metals used for men diamond earrings, white gold, platinum, and the most common. Platinum and white gold are the most preferred because they have a whitish element that complements white diamonds’ icy look.

White gold and platinum look similar to each other, but each has its advantages. Platinum is the best choice for people having metal allergies because it is hypoallergenic. Also, platinum is the most durable precious metal. However, white gold is less expensive than platinum, and people don’t find platinum worth the high price, yet white gold offers a similar look.

Besides white gold and platinum, yellow good is the most popular precious metal for men diamond earrings. Yellow gold adds a traditional and classic look to white diamond earrings. Also, it adds warmth to deeply colored black men’s diamond earrings and adds vibrancy.

Carat for Earrings

Carat is the weight of the diamond and not the size of the diamond. Prices of a specific type of diamond stud vary depending on the carat such that the heavier the diamond, the more the cost. When choosing the carat, you should consider the size of your earlobe.

The smaller the earlobe, the less the carat you should buy, because if you choose a big diamond stud, it will look oversize. Most people go for an earring of the weight of 0.25-1 carat. If you want to make a statement by having something eye-catching, it is best to go for a carat of 1.25.

Most Popular Ways of Wearing Men Earrings

There are two ways that you can choose to wear your diamond earrings. The ways are:

  • Solitaire and single studs– The single studs is where you choose to have a single earring on one ear. It is more common among men, and it exhibits simplicity. It is ideal if you want to begin slow.
  • Double diamonds- There are two ways that you can have double diamond earrings. One way is by having a diamond earring on each ear. You can also have two studs on one ear.

A key point to note is that a pair of earrings is often cheaper than two diamond studs, so it would be wise to get a pair. Choosing between the two depends on your taste and preferences, so it is up to you to choose what best fits your personality.

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Way of Getting Your Diamond Earrings

You can get diamonds from a local retailer, but it presents many challenges, such as inflated prices and low quality. On the other hand, you can avoid all these challenges by reaching out to a manufacturer in an online store. You will get lower prices and the elimination of go-betweens. If you shop online, ensure you are guaranteed quality, check whether the online store is certified by either GIA, AGS, or EGL.

Why Choose Diamond Earrings?

There are many options you can choose from when getting stud earrings, but diamonds are the best. All gemstones are tested on a Mohs scale, and diamonds gets a perfect ten when tested on this scale.  It means that it is of top quality and does not scratch; therefore, it is suitable for everyday wear.

Final Thoughts

Grab these best things about the diamond earrings for men and flaunt today.