Low Carb Diet Plan

Secrets for Successful Low Carb Diet Plan

A low carb diet plan should time the moments when you take in carbohydrates. Although you may not know it, you are most likely opting for this diet in order to stabilize your sugar levels. It is significant to appreciate the reality that there are moments when your carb intake does not increase your blood-sugar levels. This is the case with periods prior, during and subsequent to exercise sessions. Hence, you should take carbs when going for intensive training or workout for a long duration (more than an hour). Nonetheless, you must not take more than 600 calories of carbs.

You should be aware of the levels of your body fat before dieting. Ideally, if you are slender, you will strain and fight with cravings if you opt for this diet. On the other hand, fat people with high body fat percentages will burn more calories without straining for longer durations.

Nobody will prepare you for discomfort. This diet can be uncomfortable especially during your first few days. You will be lethargic and crave a lot. Luckily, it will all fade with time. For this reason, you require to plan for days when you boost your carb intake.


It does not matter how many times you heard this but your low carb diet plan must be free of processed foods. Although they may be low in carbs or be sugar-free, they are not very free from ingredients such as maltitol and preservatives that are unhealthy. Hence, begin to plan for real low-carb foods.

It is good to plan for healthy ways of being hydrated. You will need more water and it may not be easy to take plain water. Unfortunately, this is not the time for sweetened drinks. Hence, plan wisely in order to be healthy throughout.

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Set apart some days for spoiling yourself with more carbs. Low-carb dieting does not equate to purely low carbs throughout. This dieting depletes your body of glycogen. It lowers your metabolic functions and depresses your immunity. It is important therefore that you inject more carbs occasionally. Double or triple your ordinary carb intake a day to or on the day of your most strenuous workout. Both of these choices have an impact but you must select on one. For instance, on your most intensive day, you will be too busy to eat. Then, on the day before your biggest day, you will be relaxing. Hence, you risk increasing your sugar levels by eating more carbs.

You must be precise on your supplements for a low carb diet plan. You are likely to crave for carbs during this season. Appropriate supplements should curb the cravings. Also, go for supplements that will enable you to rely on your fatty acids rather than carbs as fuel during workout.

Proper diet planning and a clear liquid diet for colonoscopy is scheduled for long periods. You will shed weight significantly in the first few weeks. Then, you will enter into a rest period where you seem to lose no more. If you were not prepared, you will come out of the diet. Unluckily, you will gain more weight. However, if you are patient enough, you will continue to lose weight to your desired level.