When we were born, we cried and the world was happy. Let us live life with gratitude and love so that when we die, the world cries and we rejoice. Man is a mortal creature and his good deeds make him immortal in this world. All of us are unique in our own ways. We should understand that all human beings are different and accept them as they are.

Life is a series of deeds which open a treasure of happiness for us. Life should be enlightened with wisdom and should be an example for others. Lives of great people guide us on how to live for others. Mother Teresa worked for the welfare of people. She followed the philosophy of Service to mankind during her entire life.

Live in such a way that you become an asset for others whereby showing how to fulfil aspirations while being generous and compassionate towards their kith and kin. One should attain wisdom which shall act as a lamp post to guide people around them who are in darkness with the illumination of love and thoughtfulness.

Life is a transition amongst different roles between life and death so enact your best role by being happy and making others happy. Life is not qualified by fluency in English, exclusive clothes or elite lifestyle. It is measured by a number of faces who smile when they hear our names. We are not here to compete rather we are here to cooperate with one another. Don’t compare yourself with others you are best in your set of capabilities.

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Rule of Nature:


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Living for Others.

Nothing in nature lives for itself.

Rivers don’t drink their own water.

Trees don’t eat their own fruit

Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves.

Living for others dimension of humans differentiates them from animal consciousness.

Animals are always entangled in the thought of their survival needs. The transition from animal consciousness to soul consciousness requires knowing thyself as a soul who is in costume named as our body which changes after every birth.

The purpose of our life is to attain salvation and get a soul to be free from reincarnations. We get human birth only once during the cycle of 84,00,000 births because we have been given a power of thought to help others and decide what is good for us. Life is what we make it. Every human being has got the same hormones, same organs, the same qualities of the soul and the secret is to decipher the jewels of happiness.

Soul conscious-ness means to lead a life with seven core values as stalwarts representing divinity in human i.e. Happiness, love, bliss, purity, power, peace, knowledge. We can see these values as seven colours of the rainbow which paint our life with happiness and joy. These values are original qualities of the soul which we have to decipher and inculcate in our innate qualities.

Real wealth acquired by a human is not the materialistic pleasure but it is valued by the number of faces who smile when they hear your name.

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Happiness lies within us. When we make others happy first of all we taste the flavour of happiness.

Life is like a car. For smooth driving all the components should be coherently used, similarly, for smoothness in life, everything should be coherently aligned with our beliefs for happiness and contentment.

Various Parts of Car Depict the Essence of Life:

Steering- Everything is in your hands

Accelerator- Motivation

Break- Control

Clutch- Faith

Neutral gear- Everything is an alright attitude

First gear- Adapt to all situations

Second gear– Have confidence

Third gear- Move forward with courage

Reverse gear- Step back to move in the desired direction

Rear-view mirror- Learn from your past

Windshield- Future is more important than past that is why it is larger than a rear-view mirror.

Thus, living for others contributes to a large extent to the treasure of happiness.