The Leggings Fashion

Everything To Know About The Leggings Fashion For Styling In The Right Way

Leggings can definitely be termed as one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. Be it a knee-length printed dress or a sexy crop-top, leggings can be paired up with everything especially if you are trying to hike up your comfort meter. However, you need to take special care while wearing the same as otherwise, you might just end up alerting the fashion police with that camel toe. Today we are going to share expert rated tips which can help you in styling your leggings in an elegant manner:

Leggings Fashion For Styling


Your choice of leggings needs to ensure a perfect fit for your body. Excessively loose or tight leggings can render an unflattering look which none of us would want. An important fashion tip in this regard is to ensure that your leggings snugly fit your body without tracing the excess celluloid you might be having in your thighs or hip portion. It should also not be extremely loose as in such a case it will make you look extremely sloppy. If you had bought ill-fitted leggings, then you can style them with knee-length tops for winning brownie points in the fashion game. It is also imperative to note here that sizes vary drastically according to brands and that is why you need to get yourself measured by an in-store professional for that seamless finish.


Leggings are available in a variety of length and how you style them depends entirely on your fashion sense and the occasion you are dressing up for. Full-length leggings extend a little below your ankle and can provide you with soft pleats near the shin area in accordance with your height. This looks exceptionally good when teamed up with flowing boho tops, tunics and boots during winter months. Next comes the 3/4th length leggings which have also made their mark in the world of fashion. They look very good when worn with short tops during casual gatherings. The ankle length leggings can definitely be termed as the sexiest of the lot as it looks equally flattering when worn with tunics, slip dresses, coats, jackets as well as capes. It also looks good with a diverse variety of footwear. Knee length leggings have served as a staple of workout fashion as they are worn to gyms and workout sessions.


While lycra and cotton stands out as the most common fabric variants of leggings, you can easily try out suede and leather on those special occasions when you wish to stand out of the ordinary.

Colors & Prints

Previously leggings we available only in monochrome hues. Leggings fashion was next taken over by solid colors in diverse shades ranging from fluorescent pink to subtle nude. Lately, it is all about outlandish fashion as an array of prints ranging from animal motifs to geometric patterns are taking the center stage.

Bottom Line

For best results, it is advisable to wear the leggings with long tops unless you have an enviable figure and are confident about flaunting the same.


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