LED TV Problems

Common LED TV Problems And Their Solutions

Gone are the days when TV was the home appliance that could be easily bought. Now it is as complicated as it is to choose the right data plan for your mobile phone. Before these flat TV screens came into the market, the only consideration for buying a TV was how much space you have in your home and how huge you want the TV to be. Quality did matter but the most important was how many inches you could get for how much money.

Common Led TV Problems And Their Solutions


Following are the few of the common LED TV problems that are faced by the consumers:

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· The screen of your LED TV goes blank

In such a case, most likely the force supply unit inside the LED TV has issues. The power supply is answerable for getting current and sending it to all the parts of the LED TV. The power supply creates issues because of an unexpected flood in input supply. Normally, the capacitors on the power supply sheets fall flat. If you dismantle the LED TV set, you could confirm this by recognizing a spilling or protruding capacitor. These issues are common in current LED Televisions that’s why when buying, check led TV price in Nepal. The fixing work is genuinely straightforward and fast. It is prescribed to find an expert with great skills to fix this problem. 

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· The LED TV has no sound output

Separate the LED TV from the AC power, at that point press and hold the force button on the LED TV for 10 seconds. After a moment, associate the TV set back to AC supply and press the power button once. At that point of time, try the other “sound out” from your TV to other speakers. If the speakers work, unmistakably the internal TV speakers are not working. 

If it doesn’t, almost certainly, the audio IC which drives the internal speakers might have failed. It is quite normal in these sets as they use cheap low fueled speaker ICs that are warming up and come up short. A straightforward substitution of the sound IC will do the stunt here.

· On switching on the TV, LED TV has Horizontal lines 

In such a scenario, the root problem can be the set-top box’s low signal strength. This set-top is connected to your LED TV. This issue probably won’t appear if you plug that set-top box to an old TV. The explanation behind this is that more established TV sets require lower input solidarity to work. With the cutting-edge LED TVs set it’s not the situation. They require more grounded info signals. In this way, changing to an HD set-top box will most presumably redress the issue.

· LED TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi

The initial step is to find if the issue is in the TV or the switch. If the TV has no issues in associating with your cell phone, at that point likely the switch is to blame. Have a go at refreshing the firmware of the switch. If that doesn’t work, the production line reset the switch. This ought to work. You could likewise acquire a Wi-Fi extender and test if the TV interfaces with the web. If the signal quality isn’t the issue, consider getting a USB Wi-Fi connector for your LED TV.

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