Kitchen Splashback Tile

Which Kitchen Splashback Tile Will Suit My House? Take a Peek!

We know how challenging it can be to lock in choices for a kitchen. It’s the endless struggle of having to build a room you enjoy and that has a bit of wow factor, combined with trying to create a room that won’t date too soon!

For a kitchen, many people are drawn to white finishes — not only does a white kitchen look larger and create the appearance of space, but all white finishes provide a feeling of protection.

Yet white does not equal bland. Playing with the texture and form will build excitement. And to show it, we have rounded up types of best tiles for kitchen splashback which are anything but boring.

Kitkat Tile

One of the most common mosaic tiles right now has emerged the Kitkat mosaic (or finger tile as it is often referred to). The pattern and continuity of this tile produce an architectural look in line with a variety of styles from mid-century modern, traditional and contemporary choice at marble mosaic tiles Sydney.

Shattered Hexagon Tile

This diamond tile is so glamorous that it shapes intricate designs of the hexagon, which is why we call it ‘broken hexagon.’ The flashes of elegant vivid filter, polished metallic plates enrich the white concrete-effect surface – the ideal tile for a high-end kitchen

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Fish Scale

Set in either direction — as a fan or a fish scale — this stunning tile draws on the modern trend of Art Nouveau, taking influence from both organic and geometric shapes. Now another hot pick at marble mosaic tiles Sydney shops.

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Grid Pattern

Grid tiles are very mid-century, but a new revival has been made. These tiles are also available in textured patterns, such as a perforated steel pattern.

Irregular Patchwork

According to marble mosaic tiles sydneyshops, Another tile which is especially well suited to mid-century architecture is this unusual mosaic tile. It brings a fitting contemporary sensibility to this home-style while looking equally fine in a classic construction.

Penny Ring

A classic staple style, round penny tiles are always a good idea! Penny rounds bring softness to your splashback and you can experiment with scale or shape when they are available on sheets in either matte, gloss or mixed finishes in small, medium or big sizes at best tiles for kitchen splashback.


Hands down the most common splashback tile in the kitchen and subway tiles are extremely flexible too. Depending on the design and scale of the tiles, and how they are laid, you can make so many different looks with subway tiles. Check marble mosaic tiles Sydney for a few of these options.

There are at least a million options to put a floor under the subway. Brick tie, vertical chain, herringbone, and basket weave are only a couple of the most common patterns to make. Depending on the subway style, you may also produce a totally different look — straight edge finish, beveled edge, or handmade finish (a smoother, more realistic aspect). Subway tiles, like a crackle glaze, are also available in a number of sizes and special finishes are available at best tiles for kitchen splashback.

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