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Is React Native a Good Choice for Startups?

You have got a big dream to build a strong business out there, and you are trying everything in your capacity to help it reach to nook and corner of the world. But to make it happen with a traditional marketing approach is expensive and time-consuming as well, and does not give lasting results, hence it is highly significant for you to embrace the mobile app technology to make your business grow wider and stronger across the geographies.

To make this happen, React Native indeed offers a great platform to help you build an app that fits your timeline and budget constraint.

Now you must be wondering, why you should choose React Native over any other existing framework. Hmm, a very valid concern, and to help you get rid of it, we have brought you this post today, so you can plan to invest in a React Native app solution for your startup.

Let’s check it out ahead with this post…

Challenges for a startup

As we all know that every startup starts with a new dream, and aims to ace it ahead, but amid this journey there are many obstacles that are waiting for the entrepreneurs. And one of the most prevalent one is to mark a sustainable stand in the market, where already a larger pool of businesses has gone forward.

To carve a niche in such an atmosphere, is indeed a tough job, but the app helps you pave it smoothly. And in this race, the cost and time are two major concerns which have to be taken care of. Every app comes with certain functionalities and technology, and to address the need, a full-fledged plan has to be made, failing to which entrepreneurs can go dry on their set budget limit, and give up their plan.

Hence, they need to select a framework, which helps them build a scalable app solution in less money and succinct time frame, and no prize for guessing but React Native serves that league.  

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Below we have compiled a few points to help you embrace the facts…just scroll it further…

Best cross-platform development framework

Best cross-platform development framework

When it comes to developing an app solution on a cross-platform, then there are indeed many different options available in the market, but not all have everything under the sun to help you bring an incredible app solution into existence. Whether it is getting UI toolkit, native-like performance, or hot reloading features while maintaining the cost and time of app development, expecting everything to be a part of your mobile app, turns a little difficult, and this is where React Native solves the puzzle.

It helps you create a mobile app that is filled with different aspects that help your mobile app to be developed in a shorter time and get deployed in the market while offering marvelous functionalities.

UI kit is filled with engaging buttons

An app UI has got a lot to do with different elements to make an app successful and to make it happen developers try different approaches. However, not every framework offers plenty of opportunities to pick from, but with React Native, there is not just one but multiple UI libraries that eventually help your mobile app to grow successful.

Incredible app performance

App performance is something, which not even a single business owner is willing to compromise on. And getting a high performing app solution in a budget seems impossible…isn’t it?

Well not anymore, since the technology advancement in the shape of React Native has come into existence, the app performance can be experienced highly. A React Native app not just makes the app work faster, but also brings an incredible looking app.

Effortless updates

Every app requires updates to keep the users stay engaged with the app solution, but with an app, the process of making updates is actually time-consuming and takes money too. However, this hurdle is easily crossed over with a React Native app solution, enabling developers to make the updates without any issue involved. The hot reloading feature allows developers to make the changes in the live app and see the results instantly, this saves their time and efforts.

Faster app deployment

If you want to hit the market faster and earliest possible with a mobile app, then considering React Native is the best choice. It gives you ample options to build and launch the app without any obstacles involved. This will help your business to mark a remarkable move with a mobile app in its respective market.

Easy to maintain 

An app is not done once it is developed, but there are multiple other factors also associated with it once it is launched on the respective stores. As an app owner, you need to keep a check on the bugs and other factors to maintain the app’s performance. This comes with a price, but this tag is quite low with cost, with the React Native technology.

Reduces development cost

For a startup one of the most troubling aspects is to take care of the cost, which can go haywire during the development process. But this is where React Native comes as a savior and helps entrepreneurs to build a scalable app solution, that comes with their budget only. As this very technology gives them an option to run two apps on two different platforms using the same codebase, makes the process easier and convenient, and comforting.


Although React Native is still in the growing phase, but its stability cannot be given a miss, as its foundation is laid by Facebook itself. That gives a promising platform to different businesses to try their hands at, and get the stability at its peak.

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In a nutshell

For a startup considering React Native is the best choice to proceed with, as there is not just one but multiple benefits lying within its mechanism. If you are wondering how to launch your app sooner in the market, then you must consider this very framework to make a substantial transformation for your app concept. 

So don’t hold it back and give it a shot and integrate React Native Technology within your business model today.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has crafted a niche for himself at such a young age. He is a COO and Founder of Techugo. Apart from holding expertise in business operations, he has a keen interest in sharing knowledge about mobile app development through his writing skills. Apart from sailing his business to 4 different countries; India, USA, Canada & UAE, he has catered the app development services with his team to Fortune 200, Global 2000 companies, along with some of the most promising startups as well.