Cigarette Boxes

5 Major Innovation in the Industry of Customized Cigarette Boxes

The main motive of a smoker apart from getting stress relief is styling and showing-off. To achieve their goals, smokers wish to get as beautiful packaging for their cigarettes as they can. Cigarette boxes, which in the past were merely used for storing the tobacco filled tubes, now have a lot of customization options which has totally reformed the cigarette industry.

The introduction of exquisite-looking packages has now become a necessity for all tobacco companies since the competition is soaring high. The then usual looking boxes now have a lot of customization options that add to the elegance of the package. Usage of different materials, colors, and designs of these boxes are just some personalization options that have changed the industry as a whole.

Cigarette packaging in the past was a very generic item, which just showed the name of the brand, but now, many innovations have been brought to the industry, which has shuffled things to a significant extent. Packing has become an as important part of the whole product as any other aspect. 

Usage of Different Materials

Conventionally, these tobacco filled cylinders were being sold in simple paperboard packages. They were cheaper to be manufactured and also provided enough protection to the nicotine in them. With the increase in competition and an increasing effect of capitalism on the world economy, compelled the companies to add a degree of fanciness to their packing.

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Fast-forward to modern times, and the industry has changed exponentially. Custom cigarette boxes have become a norm, and they are widely used. One significant change that has been witnessed as far as the material of the packaging is concerned, is that a variety of components are now being used for the creation of these packages.

Leather packs with stitching lines became a trendy item and were seen as a premium option. Wooden packaging then came in fashion and was widely used as a sign of extravagance and luxury. Another grand and upscale option that has been in high demand for a very long time is a silver cigarette box. The usage of various substances has genuinely been an innovation in the field of cigarette boxes.

Usage of different packaging materials has had a positive impact on the sales and revenues of tobacco companies as they were able to play psychologically with the customers and, by using better quality packages, instigated them to believe that the quality of the tobacco itself is better. This technique could be one reason for the substantial growth of tobacco companies over the past couple of decades.

Tempting Colors and Designs

Stock packaging and wholesale cigarette boxes have been mainly used in the past. These were considered to be feasible for such a general product. However, with the changes in the packaging industry and requirements to improve it in order to boost sales, tobacco manufacturers realized the need for using custom cigarette packs.

As a result, better-designed packages started coming into the market. Brightly colored boxes that were attractive and tempted the customer even from a distance became a norm. Manufacturers began hiring designers for designing better logos and designs on the packets. Modernistic improvements were made to the packaging, thus, making the customers realize that they were consuming a state-of-the-art and latest product.

Contemporary Styles and Patterns

Improving the designs of the box were not just considered enough to revolutionize the packaging. Thus manufacturers began digging in for new styles of cigarette boxes for sale. The search was made substantially more comfortable as the packaging industry now has many ideas for every product.

Some of the hot-favorite designs were implanted into the smoking industry, and they proved to be significant successes. Traditionally, tobacco companies used flip-top boxes for storing and selling their products. However, a handful of the latest designs are now widely used. The most common is the window design.

Rectangular openings are left out in packages, which help the customer to have a look at the interior. This design is attractive and catchy and is a hit in the industry. Moreover, the traditional flip-top design was changed, and innovative styles such as dispenser style were introduced.

They require consumers to push a specific place on the box to obtain their next smoke. These designs are custom-made and cannot be acquired from cigarette packaging boxes, wholesale vendors.

Gift Packaging

Smokes are a fancy and frilly gift to give and are chosen as presents by many people. However, giving a single pack as a gift does not look good. To overcome this problem, manufacturers began selling high-class gift packs. These rigid boxes are not only superior-looking but also allow more accessories to be stored. Many companies sell ready-made gift packages.

They are beautifully decorated with ribbons and beautiful designs. These packages do not just have a bunch of smoking pipes but also other high-quality accessories such as lighters and, at times, fragrances. These gift packages are lavish and extravagant presents to give and emit a very luxurious vibe.

Electronic Cigarettes: Top-of-the-line Packages

Electronic Cigarettes

This category of innovation has come about after changes in the tobacco industry itself. Electronic cigarettes gained popularity after some health experts said that they were healthier alternates to conventional smokes.

The authenticity of these statements is dubious and doubtful; however, one thing is for sure, this new gadget is a premium and luxury product and thus requires very unconventional packaging ideas. The E-Cigarette does not have the traditional, everyday packaging that you will be able to find from cigarette boxes wholesale. These packages are custom made with rigid materials.

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These materials are not just required for showing-off purposes but also to ensure the security of these smoking pens as they are delicate and usually made of glass, and could shatter into pieces if not adequately secured. The electronic counterparts of the conventional packaging popped open a new era in the history of tobacco boxes, as this kind of packing was never seen before for such a product.

Technology and changing trends compel companies to uplift the standards of their packaging to cope-up with their competitors. This revolution came into the tobacco industry and reformed the concept by introducing newer techniques such as these.