Is it Illegal to Drive with Your Dog

Is it Illegal to Drive with Your Dog?

Being a driver, you might be under the impression and confident that all you do when on the road is right, legal and safe for the passengers, motorists and yourself. Besides complying to the rules of the road like speed limit, stopping and traffic lights so on, one major mistake almost every driver does; unintentionally, however, is driving with the pet especially drive with a dog.

In real, there’s more to driving with the canine in the car than you can possibly imagine. That said, some of the countries even have proper laws to drive with the dog and noncompliance to the rule can land you in serious trouble including heavy fine or annulation of the driver’s license. For some, it’s necessary to take the pet along since there isn’t anyone else to look after them.

Whatever the case, Falken Tires explains how you can travel trouble-free with the dog. Read on for the details;

Highway Code Statement

In some countries, highway traffic laws clearly inform about all the do’s and don’ts of driving which also include driving with the dog or any other pet. These regulations are just for the safety of the drivers and other motorists as pets can be a source of diversion from safe and focused driving.

It’s stated that animals in the car should be restrained while driving so as not to cause any injury to you or themselves for that said. There has to be a proper restraint which doesn’t distract you from driving. Pet carriers, seat belt harnesses and cages are proper restraints that can be used should you be driving with yours in the car.

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On the contrary, your pet should be restraint in such a way so that it doesn’t even hang its head out of the car window that can be a major diversion to others. It’s most unfortunate that very few understand and comply with the regulations only to face heavier fines or worse; any such form of accident.

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The End Consequence

There’re times that a driver isn’t considered a rule/law breaker when driving with the pet which prevents from legal prosecution. Still, you might be asked to pullover by the police since the animal has been a source of distraction to others. Being careless even after the primary fine of $1,000 would eventually lead to bigger fines and even cancellation of the driver’s license.

In case you’re involved in an accident due to carelessness of leaving the dog unrestrained which is sure to cancel your driver’s license whereas the insurance policy also becomes invalid. It might sound like not much of a big deal, driving without proper restraining of the dog seriously hampers your ability behind the wheel and a sure-fire way to get you in trouble with the authorities.

Be sure not to break the rules of the road or do anything that compromises the safety of yourself and others. That said, these rules are also to ensure the safety of your pet so have some heart for your canine friend and drive wisely.