Ideas And Tips To Choose A Dog Well For The Family

Choosing a dog is not an easy decision since everyone is adorable regardless of whether they are breed or not. However, the family’s routine must be taken into account so that the pet adapts to the day-to-day.

“You have to think about it when giving a dog. If the child is very young (5 to 8 years old), he alone will not take responsibility or understand the importance of caring for feeding or exercising so rain, shine or lightning. In that case, the whole family has to be involved, ” explains Animal Care veterinarian Daniel Bohorquez.

For this reason, it is very important to choose the dog breed well. It is key to know what kind of dog you can have according to the space (if it is a house or apartment, or if you will live in the countryside) and thus decide the size and level of activity.

Other relevant factors are the time you have to educate him and take him for a walk and the care he needs: if he has long or short hair, if he is a dog with a lot of energy or if they are rather sedentary, if they like children and if they are easy to educate.

“For example, if you give a young child a German shepherd, he will grow a lot, be very strong and may even hurt the child unintentionally. With a breed like the Border Collie, despite being loving and intelligent, they are grazing dogs and must have great physical activity, so a small space is not ideal, ”

Puppies, like young children, require a lot of care in their first years of life, such as vaccinations, good food, being dewormed frequently, and this implies financial expenses that must also be budgeted. “It is prudent to meet and investigate with a veterinarian what kind of dog it is advisable to have in each case and for each person. In addition, we must ensure that the puppy is in good health, ” 

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In regards to health, for this veterinarian to adopt is a good option. “I always recommend the adoption of animals first, approaching a foundation. Even Creole dogs are sometimes healthier than breed dogs because they don’t have so much blood. ”

The veterinarian Carlos Cifuentes, of the Pet Food Institute, writes and shares a list of some of the breeds and their characteristics to take them into account when receiving a pet. Read it in detail and reflect on your living conditions so that you can choose the ideal one for you and your family.

Ideas to Choose a Dog for the Family



They are characterized by their tranquillity. Their white fur is very striking, they are active and very affectionate. They like caresses and are perfect companions. They love the game and are very funny. Although it is a small breed, classified as a miniature, it is a strong puppy with a long life expectancy.



They adapt well to any environment, they have a lot of energy and all the time they want to play.

They are an ideal company for children due to their hyperactivity. They like the sport very much and at any time they are willing to do it. Its size is medium and its hair is short. They love toys and being accompanied.



It is a very noble and faithful race with people, especially with their family members. They get along very well with children and are respectful of older adults. Strong and loyal, they are usually athletes, and with other dogs they have a dominant character. They are medium in size and with short hair. They adapt easily.

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English Bulldog


They are docile, friendly, tolerant and patient with children. They are very intelligent and can adapt to any environment. They do not need to do too much physical activity, so they are appropriate for passive families. Their size is medium and they are ideal for families that pay special attention to their pets.

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Golden Retriever


It is a very energetic race, they like to exercise and go out to the park; Therefore, active families and athletes are ideal for them. They are playful and almost never get tired. It is one of the races that show more energy. They are good family pets and are patient with children. They are dogs with long and large hair.



They are fearless, energetic and obedient. His intelligence is the main characteristic, which can be developed with good training. They like the game very much and are very athletic. They are alert to take care of the home, so they take the role of guardian seriously. They get along very well with children. They are small.



They are very clever and trustworthy to their Owner. They have a lot of energy, really; They are willing to play 24 hours a day! They adore children and their main characteristic is their kindness and kindness. They need ample space to live; They are big dogs and their hair is short. They adapt easily to any environment.



They adapt to any environment, they are very loving and loyal to children and adults. Genetically they are more resistant to many diseases since they are the result of mixtures between races. Their intelligence and ability to show what they feel surprise their relatives many times. Any lesson they learn very quickly.

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At the end, this list of dog breeds will help you to choose the best one for your family.