I Have No Inspiration While Writing

I Have Ideas. I Have No Inspiration While Writing

Let’s settle it – sometimes, and even much more often than “sometimes” we just don’t know what to write. An empty sheet of paper (usually the one on a computer screen) is strange and overwhelming, and it completely discourages you from filling it up with words. And it’s not about a lack of ideas. Rather, we have no inspiration.

Too Much Thoughts Is Bad

Usually my head is full of ideas. Images, fragments of dialogues, detailed descriptions of the heroes, twists and side plots – one on top of the other, interspersed with another. I have at least several dozen ideas for a novel. The thing is, these aren’t stories that I really want to put on paper. 

“I have no ideas” is a sentence I would strike out of the human dictionary. Each of us has them. Really. But I understand very well that we do not want to implement all of them (usually 99% of them are). And this is what lies behind this mysterious phrase “I have no inspiration.” None of the ideas move you. None of them provoke such vivid reactions as to devote months of time and effort to him. Neither makes the fingers wait for the moment when they will come into contact with the keyboard.

Okay, we have ideas that aren’t “good enough”, but why don’t we just “come up with” more?  That would solve the problem of my lack of inspiration, right? The thing is, all these ideas are alive – evolving, changing. Our imagination works with the material it already has. There is little room for more. A bit of the mind doesn’t feel like straining when it’s full. Most of all, however, there is nothing to draw from if it is not stimulated in the right way. 

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I’m Just Out of My Mind

“It’s just like that”, “I have no inspiration and I can’t help it” – although it keeps us from non fiction ghostwriting, these statements are easy. They save us time and energy. “I just don’t have the air” allows you to stay stuck and not try to change it.

This is why writers by profession do not allow themselves (usually) to give in to the illusion that any time is inadequate to write. Copywriters don’t even have that option – their income is closely related to the quantity and quality of the texts they produce, not the number of excuses they give themselves.

A copywriter who feels like he is out of breath is a copywriter who will struggle to make a living writing, or one who will be forever struggling with himself and writing will eventually become too exhausting.

The most valuable lesson that the ghostwriter and copywriter profession has taught me is constantly remembering that creating good texts depends entirely on me. Not having a feel is not doing your job, and I would never allow myself to do that. And there are no circumstances, no time and no such state that would make it impossible.

But I can definitely make it difficult for myself. And here the stairs begin.

“I have no inspiration because I’m discharged.”

This is my favorite excuse. But there is also a small part of the truth in it.

Does it effectively stop me from writing texts in private time? Yes of course. “I have no inspiration” is a phrase that I have been struggling with for many years. There is no place for them during my work (because I undoubtedly believe that these texts “you just have to write”), but personally for me it is an ideal blockade, thanks to which I do not even start writing.

What convinces me about it is part of “being written out.” It is a state in which I have created so much new that my imagination begins to resemble a dry well. If you are not a professional writer, take my word for it – this work can draw (good) ideas out of the human imagination to the point where nothing but scraps are left. Each day filled with creative work brings the mind to its limits.

At one time, such a state of “unsubscribing” from all (good) ideas was with me really often. And then it’s really easy to involuntarily believe that you don’t have a spirit, and therefore can’t create.

Then There Was a Breakthrough

The way I write has completely changed the idea I learned from the book “The Artist’s Way. How to liberate the creator “Julia Cameron. The author presents a simple metaphor of the imagination as vessels that need to be replenished in order to be able to use it.

And so I began to perceive the feeling of “unsubscribing” not as a result of creating a large number of texts (after all, there are more “prolific” authors and copywriters than me), but the lack of an opportunity to “supplement the source”.

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Stop Feeling Upset

If you suffer from the syndrome of “I have no inspiration” excessively often or simply too often, be sure to start feeding your inner creator. Do more what pleases your senses. Read poems regularly, go to openings, public libraries or take long walks in the woods.

By providing yourself with attractive, fascinating, moving stimuli, you will start to stimulate your imagination to work constantly. The number of ideas created will no longer matter. Properly aroused mind begins to fuel itself, and the ideas you have rejected give way to a new one. This is one of the ways that gives your imagination a natural motivation to create. And it leaves no room for the claim that you’re out of breath.

Even if you are not ready yet, accepting (or not having) inspiration is a myth. If you don’t believe it can help you. Even if you are still convinced that you cannot write because you are just out of breath.

Give it a try.