Fit In Busy Lifestyle

How To Keep Yourself Fit Amidst The Busy Lifestyle

Increasing work and peer pressure is leaving us with very less time to cater to our health metrics. Timely sleeping, eating nutritious food and exercising has been lined out by health experts as one of the biggest requirement of modern day millennials. This can be of great help in staying productive, energetic and creative round the clock.

However, our hectic lifestyle often prevents us from doing the same. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a list of pointers which can move you a step towards healthier living.

List of Lifestyle Pointers are below:

Pointer 1

  • It becomes easier to follow a certain programme if you schedule it properly. Be it a date night or a doctor’s appointment, everything needs to be planned in advanced for maximum efficiency.

For benefitting out of lifestyle changes, you need to outline a weekly schedule comprising of exercise blocks timed as per your preference throughout the day. You will be triggered to follow the same religiously once you see these items on your calendar. This will also diminish all chances of skipping out your daily routine.

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Pointer 2

  • Sleep stands out as the basic foundation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also needs to be properly scheduled in a manner similar to workouts for maintaining peak performance levels throughout the day. Healthy sleep habits have also been linked with weight control.

It can also positively affect your decision-making abilities as well as energy levels. For maintaining a proper sleep schedule, you should refrain from using smartphones and similar devices emitting blue light at least two hours prior to bedtime.

Pointer 3

  • Another important lifestyle change which you can incorporate in your daily schedule is maintaining a culture of fitness and health at work. You can easily build a community comprising of health-minded peers at your workplace and make fitness a part of your lunchtime conversations.

Workplace colleagues are always a better option of sharing lifestyle notes with in comparison to your friends whose daily schedule might be drastically different than yours. Work peers can properly understand the intricacies and requirements of your daily life and thus render a solid support network whenever you yearn for the same.

You can start off with an intra-office weight-loss challenge and tally the progress made on a weekly or quarterly basis. This can significantly impact your lifestyle as you will always try to emerge victorious in all the competitions conducted.

You can also seek out the assistance of the internet health community and other fitness sites having rich and informative contents like video tutorials and sample workout plans. Nutrition and health related information can also be downloaded for educating team members at your office.

Pointer 4

  • Multitasking needs to be become a way of lifestyle for modern day entrepreneurs who spend a lion’s share of time seated at their desk. It also does not sound reasonable to separate exercise time from work during the busiest of days.

In such cases, you can combine both in an effective manner to make the most out of both work and health. Steve Jobs came up with the concept of walking meetings to significantly benefit your lifestyle even while working.

You can also do the same to kick in some activity to your daily schedule while conducting business. This can replace being seated at the café and sipping over an unhealthy cup of creamy cappuccino.

Replacing the elevator with a normal walk up and down the stairs can be another important lifestyle change to get your body moving. You can also park your car a few blocks away from your office and walk the distance every day.

If that seems too much for you, then you can at least walk to your favorite lunch spot rather than having food at your table.

Pointer 5

  • While working out, you should stress more on quality over quantity to usher in a positive lifestyle change. Circuit-training intervals and full body workouts can be of great help especially if you wish to lose fat or build muscles.

The busy life of an entrepreneur makes it extremely tempting to divert your time elsewhere by making lame excuses. But good health has no substitute and there is simply no point in earning money today if you can’t be healthy enough to enjoy it tomorrow.


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