How to Keep Your Rockingham Home Safe During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Rockingham Home Safe During the Holidays

The COVID-19 pandemic may have gotten in the way of any international travel plans we had for this holiday season. However, the good news is that many Western Australians can still get the most out of this summer by exploring their very own backyard. 

There is so much beauty and awe to be found throughout Western Australia, whether it’s a trip to the bay of Esperance, the top quality wine and food region known as Margaret River, the coastal town of Dunsborough or the windsurfing capital of Geraldton, along with many more absolutely sensational destinations.

Of course, wherever it is that you choose to spend your summer, it’s important to make sure that no more misfortune befalls you or your family for the rest of this year, or worse, early into the new year.

Specifically, we’re talking about having your home broken into whilst you’re enjoying your long-awaited break from the hustle and bustle of daily life; an event that you’d probably want to avoid after all the atrocities that have already happened this year.

Keep in mind that a lot of burglaries happen during the summer months, within daytime hours. A lot of thieves like to take advantage of the fact that many families are away at work or on holiday. For this reason, it’s essential for you to make sure that your home is adequately secured before you leave for your well-earnt vacation.

Below, we’ve outlined some tips on how you can keep your Rockingham home safe during the holiday season: 

Don’t Advertise Your Vacancy

We get that posting on social media whilst on holiday presents a marvellous opportunity to capture the moment and document your experiences online for all your friends and family to see. However, word on social media spreads fast. Friends of friends or even complete strangers that have no mutual friends with you may be able to see your posts and ultimately, become alerted to your home’s vacancy.

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Posting what time you’re leaving, where you’ll be going and what time you’re going to be back is all prime information for a thief to take advantage of. With that said, we’d recommend holding off on posting any updates until after you return home. 

Ask Your Neighbours for Help

If you have a neighbour you trust, or even a friend or family member that is willing to help out, then you should ask them to collect your mail, visit your home every now and then, or better yet, housesit whilst you’re away. Keep in mind that built up mail is one of the most obvious indicators that burglars look out for when wanting to target a home.

Aside from this, having your lawn maintained is also a good idea if you want to deter burglars from targeting your property. This is especially worth considering if you’re going to be away on holiday for a few weeks, or even longer. 

Keep a Car in the Driveway

If you have two or more cars and are only taking one of them away on holiday, another thing you might want to consider doing is leaving one parked in the driveway as opposed to having it stored away in the garage. Having a car parked in the driveway can create the illusion that someone is home. 

Invest in Motion Sensor Lighting

Whilst you may be tempted to leave your lights on whilst you’re away in order to create the illusion that someone is home, doing so can actually have the opposite effect. For instance, if burglars are studying your home and notice that your lights are on even during the day, they’re going to realise that there’s something fishy going on.

Instead, motion sensor lighting is a much better solution, which will only turn on once someone has triggered the motion sensor. Not only is motion sensor lighting a lot more believable, but it’s also heaps more energy efficient as well. 

Have the Right Products Installed

If you want to ensure the highest level of protection for your home whilst you’re away, then installing the ideal home security products is absolutely essential. Security doors and security screens made from premium grade materials are ideal for adding an effective layer of protection over your home.

In particular, these will help to prevent burglars from being able to break into your home using force. It’s important to make sure that you’re enquiring with a reputable security screens or security doors manufacturer in Perth for these products, and one that ensures to manufacture their doors according to strict Australian standards.

Aside from security doors and screens, it’s also a good idea to have a working alarm system installed, along with a CCTV camera system if you’re hoping to keep tabs on your home whilst you’re away.