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How to Design a Kitchen Like Never Before?


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

It is rightly said by Leonardo to keep it simple. It doesn’t mean boring with dull colors of walls and drapes. It’s choosing those classic colors that go really well with the sophisticated decors of the house. The best place to really show sophistication is in the kitchen and the smart work there. 

It’s everyone’s dream to have a new, shiny, and one of the coolest things in the kitchen that probably no one has. How about having a classic design of the kitchen but with a few hidden secrets? Intriguing isn’t it? 

To have a classic design of the kitchen that looks really good by the kitchen window is the best option. It’s budget friendly and worth it. To make it look different from other kitchen’s I guess a statuario marble for the countertops would look lovely.  

The Kitchen

Kitchen Designs

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You can choose to bring down the wall that’s separating the living, dining and the kitchen to bring in more light and space. It’s modern and attractive. An organized kitchen is every person’s dream. But an attractive kitchen is a dream project. Here are a few ideas to make your dream project come true. 

  • Colours 
  • Best floors for the kitchen
  • Separate pantry section
  • Insider look 
  • Industrial style kitchen
  • The Outdoor Kitchen

Play with the Colours

Colour is a power that directly influences the soul” 

– Wassily Kandinsky

It’s true what Kandinsky says about color. It’s weird but the color does affect us and the way we feel. Many people think of the kind of cabinets they want, the drawers, the ventilation, etc., but the color of the cabinets also matters. To have a kitchen like never seen before, coordinating colors with the right kind of table and a counter table that complements everything is very important. If you think about it, an attractive yet simple color is the best option to choose from. 

Best Floor for the kitchen 

It’s important to choose the right kind of kitchen floor. An anti-slip, attractive kitchen floor. Many people might think or feel we don’t have to spend so much on different kinds of floors for different rooms. But the better idea here is to consider choosing a floor that’s used in the entire house. There are many kinds of floors to choose like., Wood, Bamboo, Cork, Ceramic, Linoleum, Vinyl, Laminate. Easy maintenance, comfort, and durable floors are the ones that you need to look for. Among the kind of floors, Laminate seems to be the best kind. It’s durability, easy to maintain, and cost-effective features are the ones that will retain for a long time. You can also check what is statuario marble and how it affects your floor kitchen to keep your options maximum.

Separate Pantry Section

An organised pantry is everyone’s desire in the kitchen. Dedicating an area for the pantry items is like heaven. Not every location of the house is suited for it. Choosing the right location for the pantry which is easily accessible and convenient is crucial. It needs to have sufficient counters and drawers for the groceries but not too many to feel overwhelmed. It needs to be practically built in a way that the items in gets fresh air. Also the pantry section needs to be in the areas closer to the fridge or microwave for easy accessibility. 

Insider Look 

If you have limited space for the kitchen an Insider look is something you should try. Insider look gives you a very homely feel to it when you have counters everywhere but not too many to feel like you’ve entered a room full of doors. It looks sophisticated yet modern. A simple color with a trendy kitchen design will give you an insider look. For e.g. The black-white combination for the doors and appliances, a classic combination which gives a very sophisticated and sexy look, and a small change in the floor will give you a brand new kitchen. 

Kitchen Renovation

Industrial Style Kitchen 

A huge space for just a kitchen? Choose the Industrial style. Neutral colors or monochrome is preferred for such a style of kitchen. Exposure of the concrete or the bricks from the construction will be highlighted even more when tough substances are used for this kind of kitchen. The appliances also need to be restaurant graded to suit this kitchen. Such a kitchen has a heavy counter table made of Statuario Marble or a huge wooden log. It shows the grandeur of the place. 

The Outdoor Kitchen 

The Australian summers are usually spent outdoors by the BBQ with the yummy steak or any of your favorite meat and a chilled drink and it’s perfect. To make an outdoor kitchen you need to understand the kind of kitchen you want in your backyard to utilize every space of it. It needs to be perfect for every occasion in the house. Let it be a football night or an anniversary party or a family gathering, the floor, the appliances, the layout of the kitchen really matters. 

The Take-Away

You know best the kind of house you want to build. But considering a few points before you could be the best way to go about it. Like Da Vinci said, keep it simple. There are many kitchen remodelling and designing ideas you can implement. Think about the budget, space, the colors of the cabinets, the floor, these are the pointers that need to be thought through. And for the outdoor kitchen, the same kitchen design rules apply.

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