How to Boost Sales

How to Boost Holiday Sales With Incentives

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year—the holidays! Whether you are a small business, or a busy seasonal shopper running around from shop to shop, there is something extra special about giving and receiving thoughtful gifts from your loved ones. 

If you are a business owner, you may be wondering how you will survive this season of influx sales, running around trying to fill orders before the clock runs out and giving customers the best experience possible. 

The National Retail Federation predicts that this holiday season will be especially busy, with shoppers spending about 4% more than last season. That adds up to an average of about $1,048 per person. That’s a lot of sweaters, books, and specialty coffee. 

As this time of year may be the craziest for your small business, it is crucial to priorities this time of year as sales can take a turn after the season has come to an end. Take advantage of this season whether you own an online eCommerce store, storefront, or both—promote as many deals as possible and provide an exceptional customer experience to turn your seasonal shoppers into loyal, year-round customers.

Maybe you’ve considered free shipping as a way to attract new shoppers, or offer flash sales, but have you thought about implementing a POS systems that accept gift cards? Gift cards may not be the most unique gift, but over 59% of shoppers say they’d love to see one in their stocking this year.

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As the holidays can get a little tricky with the many different shops out there promoting their best deals, Fundera brainstormed unique ways to reel in customers during this busy time of the year. 

Ways to Boost Online Sales

#1 Provide Free Express Shipping

Give your customers free shipping if they spend up to a certain amount. Not only does this incentivize them to spend more than they would have initially, but it’s also a great way to avoid cart abandonment. There is nothing worse than getting to your online checkout to find out you have to pay $20 extra in shipping costs.

#2 Go Festive on Social Media

Show your holiday spirit over social media by giving your customers a sneak peek into your store holiday decorations, in-store or online store, with doorbuster deals for everyone on your shopping list.  

#3 Create Product Videos

It has been proven YouTube has made a great impact on online marketing reporting 66% of customers say product videos shape there purchasing decision. Make an effort to partner with influencers to feature your product in their videos, or put on your creativity hat and make your own!

#4 Bundle Certain Products

Offer a free or discounted item with the purchase of a large item for a go-to way to upsell customers. Make different varieties of bundled products from 2-6 of your best selling items to suit every customer’s preference.

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How to Boost Sales in Stores

#1 Offer Gift Cards

Attract the 60% of shoppers who have gift cards on their wishlist this year by offering online or instore gift cards. Even consider offering a free gift card with a purchase of over a certain amount.

#2 Host Games or Challenges

Get competitive and host a gingerbread house contest, scavenger hunt, or a costume contest for the best dressed Santa Clause to get everyone in the spirit of the holidays. 

#3 Promote Off-Peak Doorbusters

Offer free items to customers that spend over a certain amount around the biggest shopping days of the year—Black Friday. Catch your shoppers off guard with flash sales leading up to Black Friday. 

#4 Invest In Proximity Marketing

Target your customers on social media when they step into a certain vicinity of your business. Offer discounts on each social media marketing campaign for an added incentive for viewers to visit your storefront.  

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How to Boost Sales Strategies

#1 Partner With Other Businesses

Collaborate with other small businesses to spread the word about your holiday sales. Whether you are wanting to offer group discounts or raffle off a gift basket with all your best selling items, now is the perfect time to do so!

#2 Target Less Popular Holidays 

Focusing your sales on the holidays that are less expected can increase your chance of being seen in the endless marketing email inbox of your customers. Offer flash sales that lead up to Black Friday, as well as every other down shopping season of the year. 

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#3 Revise Your Return Policy 

There is nothing worse than purchasing something you aren’t able to return (especially when they have been bought online). Cater to all of your customers and allow returns and exchanges for those that want or need it. 

#4 Give Back to the Community 

Show your customers you care by donating time or money to your local community by volunteering or contributing a certain amount of profits to the charity of your choice. Promote this act on social media, brochures, or even add it to the bottom of customer’s receipts so they know they are helping the community by shopping at your store.
Fundera brainstormed some of the best ways you can boost sales online, in-store, and by adjusting your sales strategy this holiday season.


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